| August Tue, 2022

Rutgers Miller Center Partners with the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police to Host the National Symposium on Police Academies and Training

The Rutgers University Miller Center for Community Protection and Center on Policing is partnering with the Washington DC Metropolitan Police to host the National Symposium on Police Academies and Training this week (August 21 - 23) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Miller Center’s Senior Fellow, Paul Goldenberg, is co-chairing the conference alongside Chief of Staff Marvin Haiman from the Washington D.C. Metro Police.

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| August Mon, 2022

Hate speech, privacy and the personal lives of public officials

The Hill published an op-ed written by Eagleton Director John J. Farmer, Jr. "In the meantime, the escalating threats to the lives of public officials, from federal judges and members of Congress to local election officials, require urgent action to address the common threads underlying those threats: easy access to private information on platforms that do little to discourage the proliferation of hate messaging that leads to real world targeting."

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