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Reports April 8, 2020

WEAPONIZED INFORMATION OUTBREAK: A Case Study on COVID-19, Bioweapon Myths, and the Asian Conspiracy Meme

Violent, ethnic hate is exacerbated instantaneously by outbreaks of weaponized information during episodes of viral pandemics. Even as law intelligence and law enforcement chart new waves of attacks against Asian citizens, they remain challenged to understand how social media empowers the self-organization of these massive waves of violence from weaponized information.

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Reports March 13, 2020

PLAN, RESPOND, MITIGATE: Get Your Community Faith-Based Organizations Ready for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It is imperative that the leadership of such organizations, which play such an essential role in providing comfort to community members in times of pain and uncertainty, find ways to fulfill their missions without jeopardizing the health of the afflicted, the other members of the organizations or the leaders themselves. This Miller Center Interim Guidance offers a suggested approach to these issues based on our experience in working with community and faith-based organizations in other contexts, and in managing emergencies of various kinds.

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