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General Internship Inquiries

Student interns can earn credit for their work with various Eagleton centers and projects. Volunteers and work study students also assist Eagleton in its work.

For more information, contact Sarah Kozak at

Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) Internships
Center for Youth Political Participation (CYPP) Internships
Eagleton Center on the American Governor (ECAG) Internships
Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling (ECPIP) Internships


Data Visualization and Graphic Representation Intern — ECPIP
The data visualization and graphic representation intern will create, maintain, and advance the Center’s capabilities to visually and graphically display data from poll results in press releases, on the Center’s official website and social network accounts, and in its other publications. The intern will specifically be responsible for generating and continually updating graphs and charts that depict important data trends over time. The goal of the position will be to create graphics and visual displays that enhance the findings from the Center’s data. Learn more and apply.

General Research Intern — ECPIP
The general research intern will assist ECPIP staff with conducting research and communicating findings to the public. The general research intern’s responsibilities will include: attend weekly ECPIP meetings, prepare weekly progress reports for ECPIP staff, assist with press release preparation, write blog posts, and conduct research and analysis of data. Additionally, the general research intern must maintain confidentiality about all survey instruments, projects, and data until they are published and released to the public. Learn more and apply.

Public Relations and Social Media Intern — ECPIP
The public relations/social media intern will develop, maintain, and expand the online presence of ECPIP, predominantly on Facebook and Twitter. Written strategy plans and assignments will be required weekly throughout the semester. The intern will also keep track of any press received by ECPIP. The intern will work closely with other ECPIP staff. Learn more and apply.

Website Design and Maintenance Intern — ECPIP
The website maintenance intern will primarily be responsible for the ECPIP website. The intern will maintain and expand the current site. The ECPIP site is WordPress-based. Learn more and apply.


Student Job Opportunities

The Eagleton Institute of Politics is seeking Rutgers University students to assist the facilities and kitchen staff:

  • Assist in food preparation
  • No experience necessary
  • First and second year students are encouraged to apply
  • Compensation is $11/hour
  • Eagleton is located on the Douglass Campus

For questions of inquires, please contact:
Mike Soga, Coordinator of Facilities and Events