The Rutgers-Eagleton Poll
Confronts Industry Challenges
as it Marks 50th Anniversary

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Eagleton Highlights

Attend an Event: June 8th

Join Eagleton for a virtual panel analyzing the results and implications of the 2022 primary election in New Jersey.

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New Faculty Book

In his new book, "Stars and Shadows: The Politics Interracial Friendship from Jefferson to Obama," Professor Saladin Ambar explores the role public friendships across racial lines have played in shaping American democracy.

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Student Researchers Analyze Disinformation

Student researchers at Eagleton’s Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience are helping faculty and national security experts research emerging threats stemming from extremist behavior and disinformation on social media.

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News & Announcements

Eagleton's Statement on Horrific Loss of Life Robb Elementary School

The Eagleton community is devastated by the horrific loss of life at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Senseless tragedies like this one or the shooting in Buffalo less than two weeks ago – all too often – remind us that in our American democracy, we have the power to demand change. It is our responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable, especially when those affected are the most vulnerable in our communities – our children. Graduates, you must see the wisdom of compromise A 2022 commencement essay published an op-ed written by Eagleton Director John J. Farmer, Jr. for the Class of 2022.

"Class of 2022, know first that we are aware of the challenges you have faced. Born, for the most part, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on our world financial center and our nation’s Capitol, attacks that defined my generation but which you cannot hope to remember, you have come of age in an age of accelerating change and unending crisis."

The Hill: Flying blind through a pandemic

The Hill published an op-ed written by Eagleton Director John J. Farmer, Jr.

"By choice, we have been flying blind throughout this entire pandemic... The pandemic stands as tragic proof. We may not have known the number of people infected at any given point, but as of this week, we do know a number that tolls the bell of our willful blindness: 1 million."

This Moment in Democracy

Eagleton presents This Moment in Democracy, a Fall 2021 update on the Institute's research, academic programs, and public service efforts. Learn more and get involved.

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