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Learn about political empowerment with Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown and political strategist Marilyn Davis; Malcom X and racial politics in a global era with Prof. Saladin Ambar and Dr. Emahunn Campbell; advocacy and the legislative process with U.S. Congressman Darren Soto; and campaign training for women Ready to Run®.

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CAWP Analysis of Women in the 117th Congress

According to data from the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), 144 (106D, 38R) women hold seats in Congress, comprising 26.9% of the 535 members.

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Build knowledge, skills, and networks to engage in American politics, government, and your community. Apply to the Eagleton Graduate Fellowship Program in Politics and Government.

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Closing of the Republican Mind

Description: NJ Spotlight published an op-ed written by Eagleton Professor Saladin Ambar. "The truth is, the American mind isn’t closed, but the right side of the brain has very much gone into a state of somnambulance...With the Senate’s failure to convict, we are left with personalist leadership on the right side of our politics."

The Hill: Let’s Rethink Top-down Decision-making for Evolving National Emergencies

The Hill published an op-ed written by John J. Farmer, Jr., Eagleton director. "[U]nderlying the government’s pandemic response is a failed planning process that has compromised the emergency responses of prior administrations of both parties. Consider the following disaster responses: 9/11. Katrina. COVID-19. The storming of the Capitol."

Core Values, A Touchstone of Commitment and Resilience

The future of democracy is, for many, an open question. At Eagleton, we remain committed to answering that open question by recommitting emphatically to our mission to study politics, inspire engagement, and improve democracy. Our work has never been more relevant; our commitment to it has never been stronger.

Assessment of the Capitol Riots

Rutgers’ Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience and Network Contagion Research Institute released a report assessing the Capitol riots that took place on January 6, 2021

Civic education is the best way to prevent the next attack on American democracy

The Star-Ledger published an op-ed written by Dr. Elizabeth C. Matto, Eagleton associate research professor and CYPP director. "The slow-building spectacle that erupted on Jan. 6 has a deeper cause though - the absence of a shared understanding of American democracy. And the only way to address this gap is through an investment in civic education," wrote Matto.

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