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Apply: $6,000 Internship Award

The Rutgers-Eagleton Washington Internship Award Program provides up to $6,000 to Rutgers undergraduates completing in-person summer internships in the government/non-profit sector in Washington, D.C. The award is meant to ease the financial burden of living and working in Washington, D.C.

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Watch the Video and Apply!

The Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship is accepting applications for the July 2023 - July 2024 term. Watch the video to learn more about the program.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Miller Center for Policing Excellence and Community Resilience is dedicated to protecting vulnerable populations and promoting community resilience. Today, we honor the anniversary of the Jewish community’s uprising in Warsaw so many years ago.

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News & Announcements

New Mexico shootings follow two years of election assaults

The Associated Press interviewed Eagleton Director John J. Farmer, Jr.

Cases like the one in New Mexico might seem random but are not, said John Farmer Jr., director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University and a former New Jersey attorney general.

“They are the logical endpoint of this culture of challenging the legitimacy of our democratic processes,” he said.

Farmer said curbing that kind of political violence depends in part on filing the most serious charges possible and aggressively prosecuting cases.

2022 was another bad year for New Jersey women in politics published an op-ed written by CAWP Associate Director Jean Sinzdak.

Biden’s release of JFK files calls to mind Truman’s warning

NJ Spotlight News published an op-ed written by Eagleton Professor Saladin Ambar. "The Biden administration’s decision to release 13,173 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy this past Thursday may not resolve the decades-long debate over what actually happened that fateful November day in Dallas 59 years ago. But it may help researchers better come to grips with uncomfortable truths about America’s foreign policy and intelligence agencies during the Cold War."

Meet the 2022 D.C. Award Recipients

This year, the Rutgers-Eagleton Washington Internship Award provided nine Rutgers University undergraduate students with the support to pursue public service and government internships in Washington, D.C.

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