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Media Mentions July 22, 2021
Article from Star-Ledger

Will Democrats continue to dominate N.J.? This once-in-a-decade fight could determine that.

“You can’t draw a competitive district in some part of the state without doing violence to the other principles... It’s going to be a challenge for the Republicans because of the demographics of the state. You can make it more competitive at the margins but so much of the state is now solid Democratic that it’s going to be a challenge," said Eagleton Director John J. Farmer, Jr.

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Press Releases July 14, 2021

Law Enforcement Officials and Rutgers Experts Convene for a Three-Day Training

Police training academy leaders from throughout the United States as well as from Canada and Sweden met this week with Rutgers experts at the inaugural convening of the Global Consortium for Police Academies and Law Enforcement Training. Sponsored by the Center on Policing at Rutgers University, Rutgers’ Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience, Rutgers Police, New Jersey State Police and the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, the Consortium is a new forum for police agencies to share best practices as they generate new knowledge about police training and practice in the 21st century.

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Media Mentions July 13, 2021

109 Mayors, All Men. When Will New York Elect a Woman?

"Ms. Garcia and Ms. Wiley both faced an array of challenges during the campaign. They had some institutional support, but less than Mr. Adams did. They were also not viewed as seriously early on as Mr. Yang, even though he had less experience than they did, said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, which analyzes women’s political participation."

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Media Mentions July 12, 2021
Article from The Washington Post

Transcript: Leadership During Crisis with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D)

"There's a recent Rutgers-Eagleton Poll in your state showing that only 16 percent of New Jersey residents say that they are unwilling to get a vaccine. When they asked that question in a November survey, between about, like, 36 and 47 percent were reluctant, so that has been an improvement. Why do you think the pro-vaccine message resonated so well with so many New Jersey residents?"

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