| December Wed, 2023

Advocates say political will is missing in push for police reforms

“Because our elected officials are essentially beholden to the image of being tough on crime, and therefore supporting the police almost irrespective of what actions are committed by various law enforcement officers … we’re in this kind of impasse and it’s been that way for many decades,” said Saladin Ambar, professor of political science at Rutgers University and senior scholar at the Rutgers Eagleton Center on the American Governor.

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| October Mon, 2023

Wisconsin governor employs partial veto to fund schools for 4 centuries

Kristoffer Shields, program manager of Rutgers University's Eagleton Center on the American Governor, agreed. "I think it'll be a really interesting conversation, moving forward, to see how comfortable people are with the executive being able to make a decision like that", Shields said. 'I'm really curious to see if this turns into a movement to restrict the power in Wisconsin, or if this blows over."

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