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Arthur J. Holland Program on Ethics in Government

Mayor Holland with Betty Holland and President Carter
President Jimmy Carter with Mayor Arthur Holland and Betty Holland.

The Arthur J. Holland Program on Ethics in Government was established by Rutgers University in 1989. The program honors the distinguished alumnus and long-time mayor of Trenton, a proponent and practitioner of open, responsive, and ethical government.

Arthur J. Holland served as mayor of Trenton for 26 years, from 1959 to 1966 and 1970 to 1989. In 1988, was chosen by his peers to serve as president of the US Conference of Mayors. He was a champion of open and ethical performance at all levels government, always keeping the door to his office open and permitting no meeting in City Hall to be closed to the press or the public. Holland believed that politics was an honorable profession and he was dedicated to encouraging young people to enter careers in government service. (A brief biography of Mayor Holland is available here.)

Political virtue is not only its own reward, that being peace of conscience and freedom from fear of exposure, it is the means to freedom of administrative action.
Arthur J. Holland

Consistent with his life and the Eagleton Institute of Politics' mission, the Arthur J. Holland Program on Ethics in Government seeks to promote transparency and honesty in public affairs and to improve public policy and government practices by replacing cynicism and apathy with awareness. The Holland Program provides opportunities for students, public officials and the general public to focus on practices that can be adopted by government entities and individual practitioners to serve constituents as responsively and ethically as possible.

Currently, the Program’s major components are:
  • an annual public lecture and discussion at Rutgers,
  • a workshop at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City,
  • and a stipend awarded to support a student undertaking a project designed to promote ethics in government.