January Mon, 2021

Assessment of the Capitol Riots: Violent Actors and Ideologies Behind the Events of January 6, 2020

On January 6th, President Trump’s “Save America” rally was attended by a majority of peaceful protestors. However, a sizable crowd left the speech delivered by the President and overwhelmed law enforcement officials in order to break into the U.S. Capitol building during the certification of the electoral vote. While a majority of attendees remained peaceful, many participated in the violent storming and looting of the U.S. Capitol building. These events saw law enforcement evacuate lawmakers, Capitol offices burglarized and left 5 dead and many wounded.

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December Mon, 2020

The QAnon Conspiracy: Destroying Families, Dividing Communities, Undermining Democracy

The authors of this report collaborated on a rapid assessment and analysis of QAnon because of our growing concern about the threat it poses to the nation. This threat can be divided into three key categories: creating and amplifying cultural and political divisions, introducing and spreading disinformation and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and mobilizing and motivating extreme and lethal violence.

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