Fellows Explore Legislative Policymaking and Redistricting

September 25, 2019 — 

“The Legislative Policymaking seminar at Eagleton focuses on the dynamics of how policies are enacted in the states by governors and legislatures, combining readings, case studies, guest speakers, and assignments grounded in experience with practitioners. The course provides academic and practical preparation for Eagleton Fellows’ placements with the New Jersey Legislature during the spring semester and potential careers in public policy” said Richard Bagger, who teaches the course and is a Visiting Associate. Bagger is a former New Jersey state senator, mayor, and chief of staff to former Governor Chris Christie.

The course offers students the opportunity to analyze emerging political topics with practitioners who speak about their first-hand experience in government, politics, and policy. This week, Eagleton director John J. Farmer, Jr. spoke with Fellows about the congressional and legislative redistricting process. In 2011, Farmer served as counsel to the commission that redrew New Jersey’s legislative districts and, later that year, was appointed the independent, tie-breaking member of the commission charged with developing New Jersey’s congressional district maps.

The Eagleton Graduate Fellowship Program offers Rutgers graduate students from all schools, departments, and campus locations the opportunity study American politics and government by linking its day-to-day practice with their subject area through coursework, experienced practitioners, and a placement in government. Learn more about the Fellowship.