Nancy Shihadeh

Program Coordinator

(848) 932-8366

B.A. in political science and middle east studies Rutgers-New Brunswick, M.A. in international relations and diplomacy, Seton Hall University

Nancy is the Program Coordinator for the Eagleton Institute of Politics. She manages the Institute’s public lecture series and arranges Eagleton’s This Moment in Democracy podcast programming. Nancy also supports the director of development with prospect research, fundraising events, and stewardship of existing and prospective donors of the Institute. As one of the spokespersons of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, Nancy played a pivotal role in fostering relationships with the interfaith community, local media outlets, and potential donors. In this capacity, she also acted as the media liaison, conducting radio and phone interviews during a high-stress media blitz. During her involvement in political campaigns, including campaigning for Ellen Karcher’s Senate seat in 2003 and supporting Jon Corzine’s gubernatorial campaign in 2009, Nancy managed and supervised teams during Get Out the Vote (GOTV) weekends. With a background in social and women’s advocacy, Nancy’s career trajectory began as a volunteer and later transitioned into a consultant role at Wafa House Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and assisting victims of domestic violence. During her tenure at the United Nations, Nancy coordinated high-profile proceedings and conducted interviews with various dignitaries.


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