Debra Borie-Holtz

Special Projects Manager, Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling

(848) 932-2968

B.A. degree in journalism, urban communications, and political science; M.P.A.P and Ph.D. degrees in planning and public policy, Rutgers University

Borie-Holtz is responsible for coordinating survey research projects for ECPIP’s outside clients including non-profits, government and academic organizations. She is on the faculty at the Bloustein School for Planning and Public Policy at and is a senior research analyst at the Education and Employment Research Center (School of Management and Labor Relations). She received her master’s degree in public affairs and politics and her doctorate in planning and public policy from the Bloustein School. She has been an instructor at Rutgers teaching writing, public policy, and method courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level since 2006. Her academic research interests include state legislative leadership and policy formation, regulations, women in government, and survey methodology.

Borie-Holtz’s dissertation examined state legislative leaders and their policy preferences, proposals, and products in the 50 legislatures under the direction of the late Dr. Alan Rosenthal. Prior to receiving her doctorate, she held a presidential appointment as an agency director during the Clinton administration and served as New Jersey’s assistant secretary of state during the Florio administration.

In addition to her executive service, Borie-Holtz served as the chief of staff to the New Jersey Senate majority leader and chairman of the New Jersey Senate Energy and Environment Committee for more than a decade. Borie-Holtz is also the co-author of The Politics of Regulatory Reform with Stuart Shapiro.

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