September Mon, 2015

Why Not a Woman of Color?: The Candidacies of US Women of Color for Statewide Executive Office

This review essay by CAWP scholar Kira Sanbonmatsu focuses on the intersection of gender and race in statewide executive officeholding. Sanbonmatsu argues that scholarly neglect of this topic risks naturalizing the dearth of women of color in statewide executive positions, sending the message that it is understandable that women lack access to those offices and/or that such offices aren’t realistically obtainable.

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May Wed, 2015

Electing Women of Color: The Role of Campaign Trainings

Campaign trainings have proliferated in recent years and seem to play a disproportionate role in women’s election to office. By examining perceptions of the barriers facing women of color and by identifying the mechanisms by which the New Jersey Ready to Run® Diversity Initiative, a program of the Center for American Women and Politics, seek to help women, this article sheds light on the status of women candidates of color and the role of campaign trainings more generally.

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