Redistricting and Apportionment Internship

Eagleton Mapping Internship Course (for credit): Rutgers undergraduate students will be assigned to work with the nonpartisan NJ Congressional Redistricting Commission and/or NJ Legislative Apportionment Commission.

Interns will analyze maps and information submitted by the public and may be asked to draw maps using Maptitude and/or various online mapping software programs. The internship will be largely remote. Interns may be asked to attend in-person or virtual Commission meetings.

Interns will report directly and exclusively to the Chair of the Congressional Commission and the tie-breaking-member of the Apportionment Commission or their counsel.

Students seeking course credit must complete 140-160 hours of service between October 2021-January 2022 (if assigned to congressional redistricting) or October 2021-March 2022 (if assigned to legislative apportionment) and complete a final paper.

Internship service will begin in Oct/Nov. 2021.

Course enrollment and paper completion will be offered for Spring 2022 (pass/fail). Credit will be offered under the Department of Political Science, cross-listing can be explored.

Experience with GIS and redistricting mapping software is strongly preferred but not required.

Applications due no later than Friday, November 5th. To apply please submit a resume and cover letter to Randi Chmielewski at