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Gambaccini Civic Engagement Series: The Feelings Factor

Date March 5, 2024

Time 1:00 PM

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Gambaccini Civic Engagement Series: The Feelings Factor

As part of Eagleton’s Louis J. Gambaccini Civic Engagement Series, New York Times Staff Writer Jane Coaston will explore the role political psychology plays into voter choice and how it impacts ones decision when choosing a candidate. Join us on Tuesday, March 5 at 1pm via Zoom.
The virtual conversation will be moderated by Dr. Yalidy Matos.

About Jane Coaston

Jane Coaston is an Opinion staffer at The New York Times. Previously, she was the host of Opinion’s podcast The Argument. She has reported on conservative politics, the G.O.P. and the rise of the right. She also co-hosted the podcast The Weeds.





About the Moderator

Yalidy Matos is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. She earned her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and her B.A. degree from Connecticut College in New London, CT. Originally from Dominican Republic, Yalidy is a 1.5 generation immigrant and first-generation scholar. Matos’ scholarly work examines the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender and public opinion and political behavior. By drawing on theoretical frameworks from various disciplines, she uses a mixed methods approach to understand the racialized nature of U.S. immigration policies as well as other politically consequential public and social policies. Professor Matos examines the political behavior of different racial and ethnic groups in relation to identity politics.

 About the Louis J. Gambaccini Civic Engagement Series: Toward Better Citizenship

The Louis J. Gambaccini Civic Engagement Series was designed to promote civic engagement through an annual discussion of timely and enduring issues of great significance, with the objective of generating real civil discourse and action. The program was established through the generous support of Lou Gambaccini’s family, friends and colleagues to honor his outstanding legacy in public service and his lifelong dedication to upholding the highest standards of civic responsibility, always striving and inspiring others to leave communities better and more beautiful than they found them.


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