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CAWP Prepares NJ Women to Run for Office with Public Speaking Workshop

September 9, 2019 – Eagleton’s Center for American Women and Politics held its first Ready to Run® campaign training workshop of the academic year last week. Ready to Run® is designed to train women who are interested in running for public office or getting more involved in politics. The latest workshop focused on developing public speaking skills and learning how to effectively communicate powerful messages with an authentic style. The workshop was presented by Karla M. Jackson, who has experience as a public speaking coach, an emotional intelligence coach, and a diversity, equity, and inclusion trainer. Additionally, Jackson is an adjunct faculty member in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the Africana Studies Department at Rutgers University.

“It’s important for everyone to present their ideas in a clear and informative way…As women, we often expect to encounter other people silencing us, telling us we’re not entitled to speak. In terms of politics, one tool we take with us is our voice, and the ability to speak publicly not only inspires people, it actually changes the world,” said Jackson.

During the workshop, one attendee, Rossy Olusala (Bergen County, NJ), shared that she came to the event to work her public speaking skills because in her workplace, strong public speaking skills are key to getting a promotion.

“It was really awesome, though it was super scary to go up there and tell my story. Karla gave us great feedback and hearing other people’s stories just made me appreciate that we all have a voice, we just need to use it. The workshop is also a safe space, and she gave us constructive, positive feedback. It was always: ‘You did great, now here’s something you can work on,’” said Olusala.

The main Ready to Run® conference is scheduled for March 20-21, 2020. Other workshops may be offered in the coming months; check CAWP’s website for more details.