A Message from the Director of Eagleton: The Chauvin Verdict


April 21, 2021 –¬†Yesterday, the jury in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin found the former police officer guilty of the murder of George Floyd. While justice has been served in this case, it is only one case. It is just a steppingstone.

This verdict should remind us that there is more work to be done to ensure equality for all and to end systemic racism.

George Floyd’s murder sparked a national movement that required each and every one of us to turn a critical eye to ourselves to ask what role we can play in ending racism and bringing about change.

Rutgers University President Holloway released a statement following the guilty verdict. He wrote: “We can commit more deeply to equity and inclusion, and to listening to one another, valuing every member of our community, recognizing our differences, and embracing one another precisely because of those differences.”

Eagleton is proud to stand with Rutgers in that commitment.

The Institute will continue its work to expand representation in the American political system. Our team will continue its work to include different perspectives and life experiences in decision-making. And our Miller Center will continue its important efforts to create and sustain positive relationships between law enforcement and the public.

We hope to play a role in creating the university culture and world that President Holloway described, “where racism is rejected, where everyone is welcome and respected.”

John J. Farmer, Jr.
Director, Eagleton Institute of Politics