Eagleton 2021 Election Quiz

Gubernatorial Election Special Edition

Every year is election year in New Jersey – which means that there’s always another chance to win the coveted Eagleton Cup! Here’s your chance to make your best guesses and see if you’re more accurate than the pollsters and predictors. Win bragging rights, have your name engraved on the coveted Eagleton Cup, and cement your place in Eagleton history.

In this gubernatorial election year, the winner will also receive a special Eagleton prize, in addition to having their name engraved on the Eagleton Cup.

Consult your psychic, run your regression models, and may the best guesser win.

All entries must be submitted before 5:00 pm (EST) on Election Day, November 2, 2021. Winner will be announced as soon as all races and question decisions are final.

Correct answers are worth one point each. Tie-breaker question worth 5 points.