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About the Undergraduate Associates Program

The Eagleton Undergraduate Associates Program was established in 1974. During the one and onehalf year certificate program, Associates learn about real‐world politics and government from experienced practitioners. Rutgers students, from all schools and campus locations, are welcome to apply the fall of their junior year and selected students begin the following spring. The program is a cooperative educational endeavor between the Eagleton Institute of Politics and the Department of Political Science in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers‐New Brunswick.

The Undergraduate Associates journey at Wood Lawn begins with the "Practice of Politics" course, where the students examine politics as a choice. Each week, they analyze different political decisions such as the Constitutional Convention, jury verdicts, voting outcomes, budgets, public education systems, legislative actions, campaign strategies, presidential programs, and American foreign policy.

Over the summer and fall, Associates complete internships in a variety of offices focused on American politics, government and public policy. Placement locations range from congressional offices and federal agencies in Washington D.C. to state, county and local government positions in New Jersey and New York, along with some of the top political consulting and government affairs firms in the state, among others. The accompanying "Internship Seminar" in the fall examines the art of leadership in the context of a variety of careers in government and politics.

The final course, "Processes of Politics," is taken during the spring semester of senior year and is designed to help students deepen and apply their understanding of politics and governance by focusing on the mechanics of select processes and issues. The examples chosen will provide windows into how “the system” works more generally and how change occurs – or doesn’t. Underlying these conversations will be reflections on the national political conversation emerging from the 2018 elections and building towards 2020 as well as politics in New Jersey where, with legislative elections on the horizon, the Murphy administration will be in its second year.

The Class of 2019 represents the 45th class of Eagleton Undergraduate Associates. There are currently more than 950 alumni of the program. Some have chosen careers in politics and public affairs, while others have applied their advanced knowledge of government and politics to a broad range of careers in the private and non‐profit sectors.

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