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About the Undergraduate Associates Program

The Eagleton Institute of Politics, founded in 1956 with an endowment from Florence Peshine Eagleton, explores state and national politics through research, education, and public service, linking the study of politics with its day-to-day practice. The Institute focuses attention on how the American political system works, how it changes, and how it might work better. Eagleton's faculty, centers and programs specialize in the study of state government and politics; public opinion polling and survey research; women's political participation; minority and immigrant political behavior; governors; campaigns, elections and political parties; ethics; civic education and political engagement; young elected leaders and youth political participation; and New Jersey politics.

The Eagleton Undergraduate Associates Program was established in 1974. During the one and one-half year certificate program, Associates learn about real-world politics and government from experienced practitioners. The program is a cooperative educational endeavor between the Eagleton Institute of Politics and the School of Arts and Sciences/Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Associates study government and politics through special seminars, a supervised internship, and discussions with governmental officials and political practitioners. The program is open to undergraduate students from all Rutgers schools, departments and campuses. Students apply the fall of their junior year. Those selected for the program take a series of three courses at Eagleton during the second semester of their junior year and each semester of their senior year. Associates also complete a summer or fall internship related to government, public policy or politics.

There are currently more than 900 alumni of the Eagleton Undergraduate Associates program. Some have chosen careers in public affairs and others have applied their knowledge of government and politics to a broad range of careers in the private and non-profit sectors. Many of Eagleton's more than 1,900 graduate and undergraduate education program alumni maintain strong contacts with the Institute, assisting in professional development and placement and providing an informal support system for new classes of students.