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About the Eagleton Fellowship Program

What is the Eagleton Fellowship program?

The Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University offers interdisciplinary fellowships that provide select Rutgers graduate students the opportunity to further their understanding of government, public affairs, and the practice of politics, and connect the fellowship experience to their chosen fields of study. Eagleton fellowships provide varying stipends; some offer tuition remission.

Eagleton Fellows work toward their graduate degrees without interruption; the one-year fellowships are designed to complement academic study. Throughout the year, Eagleton gives students access to practitioners in state and national politics and government who serve to bridge the gap between the academic training of a graduate student and the everyday challenges of a life in politics and public affairs. All Fellows take one of two specially-designed seminars in the fall to prepare them for an internship placement in the spring. Fellows are placed in the New Jersey Legislature, Office of the Governor, state executive agency or department, government offices at the local, county, state, regional and federal levels, or related offices. Up to 27 fellowships are awarded annually through four related awards: Harold and Reba Martin, Henry J. Raimondo Legislative, Governor's Executive, and Eagleton Alumni.

The Eagleton Fellowship Program was one of the first activities undertaken by the Institute after it was established in 1956 with an endowment from Florence Peshine Eagleton. The Institute has become a center of learning and inquiry about politics where attention and interest focus on how contemporary political systems work, how they change, and how they might work better.

Over the years, the Eagleton Fellowship Program has developed and changed, but its vision, mission and values have remained constant. Between 1957 and 1994, the program was conducted in partnership with the Department of Political Science in New Brunswick, and graduates earned an M.A. in political science. From 1995 to 2000 the program was administered in collaboration with the Department of Public Policy at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, with graduates earning an M.S. degree in public policy. Since 2000, the Eagleton Fellowship Program has been open to graduate students from all departments and schools on any Rutgers campus who are interested in politics and government. Recent Fellows have come from diverse departments and schools on the New Brunswick, Camden and Newark campuses, representing more than forty-five departments in the social sciences, humanities and natural sciences and nineteen different graduate and professional schools reflecting a wide variety of interests and perspectives.

There are more than 1,000 alumni of the fellowship program since the first class graduated in 1958. Some choose careers in public service while others apply their sophisticated knowledge of government and politics in the private and non-profit sectors or in business, education, law, politcs or a variety of other fields.

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