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December 2013
  Most NJ Residents Think Sandy Recovery is 5 Years Away, Poll Says - [Jewish Voice]
  Assessing Gun-Control Legislation in New Jersey: A Moving Target - [NJ Spotlight]
November 2013
  Most NJ Residents Think Sandy Recovery is 5 Years Away, Poll Says - [Star-Ledger]
  Christie's Ambitions Were No Factor in NJ Vote - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Poll Reveals Just How Divided Republicans Are Over Chris Christie Running for President - [Huffington Post]
  Voters Still Question Christie's Performance on Key Issues - [Politicker NJ]
  Economic Issues Didn't Hurt Christie in Election - And Won't During A Run for the Presidency Either - [NJBIZ]
  Runaway Governor's Race Confounds Pollsters and Pundits - [NJ Spotlight]
  Noteworthy Deeds of Musical Governors Archived at Eagleton Institute of Politics - [NewsWorks]
  Cherry Hill Republicans Hoping for Christie Boost - [Cherry Hill Patch]
  Minimum Wage Hike Opponents Confident Despite New Polls Showing Widespread Support - [NJBIZ]
  Assemblyman Says New Jersey Minimum Wage Hike Would Hurt State - [Lehigh Valley Live]
October 2013
  Christie's Coattails Unlikely to Help GOP Win New Jersey Statehouse - [NJ Watchdog]
  Gay Marriage Opposition in New Jersey Hits All-Time Low - [Chicago Pride]
  Is Chris Christie a Bully? - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  For Christie, Image Translates to Popularity - [Asbury Park Press]
  Voters See Christie as a Fighter Not A Bully - [Politicker NJ]
  With Christie, Image Matters More Than Issues - [Courier Post]
  Christie Approval Numbers High Despite Jobs, Taxes - [The Record]
  Christie Gets High Marks, Except on Economy and Property Taxes - [Daily Record]
  Poll Finds Strong Support for Gay Marriage in NJ, Including Among Republicans - [Star-Ledger]
  Lastest Poll Shows Gov. Christie Maintains Major Lead Over Challenger Buono - [West Deptford Patch]
  Eagleton Institute Academic or Bluegrass Disc Jockey? Don't Make Him Choose - [Rutgers Today]
  Majority of NJ Voters Blame Replubican Party for Government Shutdown, Poll Shows - [Star-Ledger]
  Research Polls Aid Students, Residents - [Courier Post]
  Politifax Editor, Publisher Analyzes Gubernatorial Race - [Daily Targum]
  Monmouth, Rutgers Among NJ Schools Providing Public Service with Research Surveys at Significant Cost - [MyCentralJersey]
Septmeber 2013
  Voters Support Christie's Appearance in "Stronger Than the Storm" Ads - [NJToday]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Tourism Campaign Stronger Than the Criticism - [PolitickerNJ]
  Poll Shows Booker vs. Lonegan Race for U.S. Senate is Tighter than Expected - [The Star-Ledger]
  NJ Voters Overwhelmingly Support Minimum Wage Hike - [The Star-Ledger]
  Poll Suggests Christie's Gun-Control Vetoes Defied Public Opinion - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  New Jersey Governor Election Polls and News 2013: Chris Christie Hits 20 Percent Lead in Reelection Bid - [Latinos Post]
  Many New Jerseyans Support Gun Control Legislation that Gov. Christie Recently Vetoed - [The Republic]
  NJ Residents Support Gun Control Measures Christie Vetoed - [The Patch]
  Cory Booker Maintains a Large Lead Over Lonegan, Poll Says - [Asbury Park Press]
  Lonegan: New Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Showing Him Down 35 Points 'Notoriously Off' - [The Record]
  Booker Has Huge Lead on Lonegan - [PolitickerNJ]
  Booker Holds Consistent Lead Over GOP Opponent in NJ Senate Race - [The Hill]
  Booker Leads Lonegan by 35 Points in U.S. Senate Race - [The Star-Ledger]
  Booker Building 'Insurmountable Lead' - [Seattle Post Intelligencer]
July 2013
  NJ Arts Council Members Balance Personal Connections with Council Activities - [The Star-Ledger]
  Chris Christie Democrats Fear Few Reprisals from Party for Endorsements - [Huffington Post]
June 2013
  Two-Thirds of Residents Will Visit Shore This Summer - [PolitickerNJ]
  Sandy's Victims Least Upbeat about Recovery, Poll Says - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Sweeney to Endorse Booker in Deptford Press Conference - [South Jersey Times]
  NJ Voters Support Minimum Wage Increase Proposal - [NJToday]
  New Jerseyans Not So Sure about Storm Recovery - [PolitickerNJ]
  Christie's Coattails are Short - [The Star-Ledger]
  Christie Victory Unlikely to Make Way for GOP Legislators - [Newsworks]
  Minimum Wage Hike, Gay Marriage Supported in NJ: Poll - [NJ 1015]
  NJ Voters Overwhelmingly Support Minimum Wage Increase, Gay Marriage - [Star-Ledger]
  Chris Christie's Coattails Short in November Election - [Asbury Park Press]
  Christie Lacks Coattails - [PolitickerNJ]
  Gov. Christie's Coattails Seem 'Short' - [NewJerseyNewsroom]
  Buono Trails in Gubernatorial Election - [Daily Targum]
  Christie Maintains Commanding Lead - [PolitickerNJ]
  Poll Reveals Majority of Registered Voters Believe Christie Will Win in November - [Press of Atlantic City]
  Buono Struggling to Gain Voter Support, Even Among Democrats - [The Record]
  NJ Politics Roundup: Christie Still Highly Popular; Democrats Pick State Party Chair - [Star-Ledger]
  Cory Booker's Rivals - [National Review Online]
  Applications for Sandy Business Recovery Grants are Lagging, Christie Says - [The Record]
  Christie's Post-Sandy Popularity Continues - [Star-Ledger]
  High Approval for Christie, But Marks Lower on Economy - [Wall Street Journal]
  Sandy recovery still fueling Christie's popularity - [The Record]
  Christie Approval Ratings Remain High - [Politicker NJ]
  Christie Maintains High Approval Ratings - [NJBiz]
  Christie Ratings Remain High - [Press of Atlantic City]
  Quickie New Jersey Senate Race Takes Shape as Challengers Emerge - [Businessweek]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Shows Booker with Wide Lead in Democratic Primary - [PolitickerNJ]
  Booker Heavy Favorite Among Democrats For Senate Seat - [Westfield Patch]
  Cory Booker leads the field in New Jersey - [Politico]
  Booker leads Democratic primary field, poll shows - [Star-Ledger]
  Booker Leads In First New Jersey Special Election Polls - [Huffington Post]
  It's Cory Booker's Race to Lose - [Washington Post]
  Newark Mayor Booker Has Early Lead for New Jersey Senate: Polls - [Reuters]
  Four Democracts, Two Republicans File for U.S. Senate Seat - [Hunterdon County Times]
  Newark Mayor Booker Has Early Lead In New Jersey Senate Run - [Yeshiva World News]
April 2013
  Sandy Recovery to Be 'A Long Slog,' Most in NJ Think - [Burlington County Times]
  New Jersey Struggling to Recover Following Sandy - [Rumson-Fair Haven Patch]
  Post-Sandy Normalcy in N.J. Five Years Away & Maybe Never, 20 Percent Say in Poll - [Asbury Park Press]
  Most NJ Residents Expect Long Recovery from Sandy - [CBS Philly]
  New Jerseyans Don't Think We're 'Back to Normal' After Sandy - [Star-Ledger]
  NJ Voters Split On Whether to Rebuild After Sandy - [NJ Today]
  N. J. Residents Split on Using Federal Sandy Relief Funds for Buyouts - [Star-Ledger]
  N.J. Residents Split on Rebuilding vs. Demolition of Sandy-Damaged Properties - [WHYY Newsworks]
  N.J. Residents Split on Whether to Rebuild or Tear Down, Poll Says - [Asbury Park Press]
  N.J., N.Y. Storm Victims Differ Over Rebuilding, Buyouts - [Politicker NJ]
  State Street: Banding Together to Stop Minimum Wage Increase - [NJ Biz]
  Backing for Same-Sex Marriage, Higher Minimum Wage in N.J. - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Poll Says Majority of NJ Believes Christie is A 'Smart, Strong Leader' but 'Stubborn' - [The Record]
  Poll: Voters Think Christie is a Smart, Stubborn and Strong Leader - [The Star-Ledger]
  Poll: Strong Support for Constitional Amendment Raising New Jersey's Minimum Wage by $1 - [The Republic]
  Retailing Group Warns 'Something Has to Give' as Poll Shbows Support for Wage Hike - [NJBiz]
  Poll: N.M. Voters Want Gay Marriage on the Ballot So They Can Vote 'Yes' - [LGBTQ Nation]
  Rutgers Poll: Voters Back Wage Hike, Gay Marriage - [PolickerNJ]
  N.J. Voters Strongly Support Minimum-Wage Hike, Poll Shows - [The Star-Ledger]
  Poll: Strong Support for Raising NJ's Minimum Wage - [Bloomberg Businessweek]
  Poll: Christie Leads Buono by 30 Points, Down from 42 Points in February - [The Star-Ledger]
  Poll: Christie Challenger Chips Away at His Lead - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  4 Things you Missed This Week in the Christie/Buono Gov Race - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Poll: Christie Maintains Lead in NJ Governor's Race - [WMZ-TV News]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Buono Cuts Into Christie's Lead, But Wide Margin Remains - [The Record]
  Months After Sandy, NJ Christie Retains Election Edge - [Chicago Tribune]
  Months After Sandy, Christie's Approval Rating Shows Some Slippage - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Poll Shows Christie's Approval Rating Drops Over His Handling of the Economy - [The Record]
  Poll Finds Economy A Weak Spot for Christie, But Not Among Business Owners - [NJBiz]
  Chris Christie Approval Slides Slightly - [Politico]
  Christie Job Approval at 68% - [Politicker NJ]
  Rutgers Leaders Faulted on Abusive Coach - [New York Times]
March 2013
  'Citizenship Rutgers' Walks Prospective Citizens Through Complex Process - [New Brunswick Patch]
  Author Explores the Obstacles for Women in Politics - [Cincinnati Enquirer]
  Opinion: Four Trenton Councilwomen Could be Contenders in 2014 Mayoral Race - [Times of Trenton]
  Hillary-Michelle in 2016? Clinton, Obama Pairing Dubbed a 'Dream Team' - [Huffington Post]
  Op-Ed: Sequestration Radio - [Eagleton associate director John Weingart's op-ed in NJ Spotlight]
  'Citizenship Rutgers' Walsk Prospective Citizens Through Complex Process - [Asbury Park Press]
  Brunt of Federal Cuts to Hit NJ with Furloughs, Airport Slowdowns and Court Closures - [The Star-Ledger]
  Politician Encourages Youth Participation - [Daily Targum]
February 2013
  Poll Encouraging, But Work Needed to Get the Word Out That 'The Shore is Open' - [NJ Biz]
  Columnist Says U.S. Values Divided - [Daily Targum]
  Despite Sandy, Poll Finds Vacationers Planning to Go to Shore - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Sandy Will Not Ruin Summer Shore Plans - [WTXF Fox 29]
  Most Regular Shore Touriss Returning in '13 - [WHIO TV]
  Most Regular Jersey Shore Visitors Returning This Summer - [The Record]
  Sure, Christie is Popular, but GOP Legislators May Find It Difficult to Ride His Coattails - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Christie's Popularity Not Expected to Help Republicans in Legislature - [Star Ledger]
  Christie 'Overwhelms' Buono; Coattail Effect Less Certain - [Politicker NJ]
  Chris Christie Leads in 2013 New Jersey Gubernatorial Race - [Huffington Post]
  Christie's Approval Continues to Soar, but with A Few Limits - [CNN]
  Chris Christie at 70 Percent Favorability - [Politico]
  Christie Approval Remains High, But Not on the Economy - [National Journal]
  Christie Gets High Approval Rating, but Voters Dislike Record on Jobs, Economy, Taxes - [The Record]
  MSNBC: The Company Memo - [MSNBC News]
  Chris Christie Weight May Take a Back Seat to His Huge Approval Rating in 2016 Run - [Policy Mic]
  NJ Concerns About Gun Violence Have Eased - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Gun Advocates Oppose Stricter Firearm Laws at Second Amendment Rally in Trenton - [Star Ledger]
January 2013
  Will Michelle Obama Get Political in U.S. President's 2nd Term? - [CBC News]
  Rep. Chris Smith a Leader on Immigration - [Asbury Park Press]
  Sweeney to Focus on Legislature, Not Challenge Christie at Polls - [South Jersey Times]
  Vanderbilt Poll: Bill Haslam Wildly Popular in Tennessee - [Vanderbilt University News]
  Politicians Stay Mom on Booker's Senate Ambitions as Democrats Scramble to Find a Gov. Candidate - [CBS News]
  Record Number of Women in Congress Change Tone - [USA Today]
  NJ Democrats Try Nudging Sen. Lautenberg Out - [USA Today]
December 2012
  NJ Supreme Couirt Vacancies, Court Decisions are Affecting Us - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Property Owner's Share of Cost Should Increase - [Eagleton associate director John Weingart's op-ed in Asbury Park Press]
November 2012
  Second straight poll indicates big lead for Christie - [CNN]
  Poll Finds Sandy Gave Christie A Big Ratings Boost - [Seattle-pi]
  Christie's Positive Traits Rating Soars - [Politicker NJ]

Christie's Popularity Takes Off After Storm - [San Francisco Chronicle]

  Chris Christie 2013: Poll Says Christie Would Crush Cory Booker for NJ Governor - [PolicyMic]
  Christie Trounces Booker in Hypothetical 2013 NJ Governor's Race - [Talking Points Memo]
  Sandy 'Wreaked Havoc' on 65 Percent of NJ, Poll Says - [NJ Patch]
  The Horror of Superstorm Sandy Affects Two-Thirds of New Jerseyans - [New Jersey Newsroom]
October 2012
  Debate, Women Voters Could Decide Presidential Election - [Asbury Park Press]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Director Says Organization Releases Credible Data - [NJToday online] (video file)
  Moran: Gov. Christie's Attack on Eagleton Pollsters is Small, Mean - [Star Ledger]
  More NJ Voters Still on the Fence about Senates Candidate than in Elections Past - [NewsWorks-WHYY]
  NJ Poll Shows Mixed Views on Health Care Issues - [NJPR]
  Rutgers Poll: Majority of N.J. Residents Support 'Obamacare' - [Star Ledger]
  Christie Has One Word for Eagleton Poll - [PolitickerNJ]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Christie Scores More A's and B's on Job Performance - [The Record]
  Poll Finds NJ Voters Give Gov. Christie High Marks, But Split on Re-electing Him - [The Republic]
  NJ Voters Mostly Approve $750M Bond Referendum - [Daily Targum]
  Women Across Nation, South Jersey Making Record Strides on Campaign Trail This Year - [South Jersey Times]
  Poll: Most N.J. Voters Favor Ballot Question that Would Force Judges to Pay More for Benefits - [Star Ledger]
  Poll: NJ Voters Support Ballot Questions - [The Trentonian]
  Republican, Democratic Strategists Discuss Impact of SuperPACs on Elections (video available) - [The Examiner]
  Rutgers Poll: Obama Has 17-Pt Lead Over Romney in NJ - [PolitickerNJ]
  Poll Shows Obama Leading in N.J., Christie Continues Promotiing Health Care Funding - [The Record]
September 2012
  Rutgers Immmigrant Youth Summit Pushes DREAM Act - [My Central Jersey]
  Most See NJ Win for Obama - [Asbury Park Press]
  November Bond Referendum Rides on Voter Awareness - [Daily Targum]
  Robert Menendez Holds 12-Point Lead Over Joe Kyrillos in U.S. Senate Race, Poll Shows - [Star Ledger]
  Obama Carrying the Tattoed Vote, Says Eagleton Poll - [Collingswood Patch]
  New Jersey Voters Divided Over Gov. Christie's Future - [Reuters]
  N.J. Voters Unconvinced of 'Jersey Comeback' - [PolitickerNJ]
  Chris Christie, New Jersey VOters Have Different Ideas About Governor's Political Future: Poll - [Huffington Post]
  Christie Faces New Polls, Sings "Thunder Road" on National Television - [The Record]
  Weird but True - [New York Post]
  Have a Tattoo? Bet You're Voting for Obama - [Cinnaminson Patch]
  Poll: 19 Percent of New Jersey Voters Have Tattoos - [Bayou News]
August 2012
  Connect Young Voters to Political Process - [Star Ledger]
  Poll: Obama Holds Lead in NJ - [Newsday]
  Poll: New Jersey Mostly Shrugs at Christie's Convention Speech - [Wall Street Journal]
  New Jersey Voters not Expecting an Image Boost from Christie Keynote - [TheRecord-North Jersey]
  Poll: Christie's Keynote Impact Remains Partisan Back Home - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Will Gov. Christie's Speech Change Garden State's Perception? N.J. Voters Say No, Poll Shows - [Star-Ledger]
  Hot Topic: States' Voter ID Laws: Could New Jersey Be Next to Impliment Strict Measures? - [Rutgers Today]
  Ryan No Help for Romney in NJ - [Woodbridge Patch]
July 2012
  Governors Becoming Vice Presidents? Rarely Rewarding - [Star Ledger]
  Chris Christie for VP? Recent History Says No - [New Jersey 101.5]
June 2012
  Business Leadres Call for More Skilled Worker Visas - [The Record]
  New Jersey Elections: The View from June - [Politicker NJ]
  Most New Jerseyans Support DREAM Act - [NJToday]
  Advocates Concerned About Potential Problems, Fraud with Obama's New Deportation Policy - [Star Ledger]
  Obama Aproval Rating Drops Slightly in NJ - [Real Clear Politics]
  Romney Gains Ground, but NJ Voters Still Prefer Obama - [NJToday]
  Obama Well Ahead of Romney, Despite Slippage - []
  Poll Reveals Success of Christie's Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Organized Labor - [The Record]
  Christie Approval Rating Reaches New High Mark - [NJToday]
  NJ Poll: Christie Hits All-Time High - [Charleston Gazette]
  NJ Gov. Christie Receives Highest Favorability Since Taking Office - [The Republic]
  NJ Voters Love Gov. Christie - [Dallas Blog]
  New Jersey Approval of Christie Hits All-Time High - [Newsmax]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Shows Christie's Favorability is Increasing - [The Record]
  Gov. Chris Christie Gets His Highest Favorability Ratings Yet - [Star Ledger]
  Chris Christie Popularity on the Rise in the Garden State - [Red Alert Politics]
  Christie Favorabiilty Ratings on Rise - [PolitickerNJ]
  Loose Ends: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs - [Princeton Packet]
  More Than Half of NJ Residents Find Dharun Ravi Sentencing Too Lenient - [Star Ledger]
  Most Feel Ravi Sentence Was Too Lenient - [PolitickerNJ]
  Recalling a Governor is Rare - Trying to, Not So Much - [CNN]
  Candidates: U.S. Congress District 2 - [NJ Spotlight]         
May 2012
  U.S. Congressional Race: District 1 - [NJ Spotlight]
  U.S. Congressional Race: District 2 - [NJ Spotlight]
  Panel Approves Bill to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Pot - [Philly Burbs]
  U.S. Congressional Race: District 5 - [NJ Spotlight]
  Bill to Reduce Marijuana Penalties Makes Sense - [Asbury Park Press]
  Bill to Decriminalize Small Amount of Marijuana Gets N.J. Assembly Committee Hearing - [Star Ledger]
  Jersey City's First Domestic Partners Give Perspective on Obama's Endorsement of Marriage Equality - [Jersey City Independent]
April 2012
  Republican Primaries Take East Coast - [Daily Targum]
  Rosen to Romney Leaves Some Women Weary of Mom Debate - [Bloomberg]
  Moms Praised as Romney, Obama Hunt for Women Voters - [Bloomberg]
  Poll: Menendez Challenger 9 Points Behind - [The Hill]
  Santorum Quits Race, Romney Takes the Lead - [Daily Targum]
  Chris Christie Soldiers On, Despite 59 Percent Approval Rating - [National Review]
  Emotions Fuel Christie's Job Approval Numbers - [Asbury Park Press]
  ALEC: What It Does and Why Three Major Corporations Cut Ties - [TIME]
  Poll: Christie's 'Tough Jersey Guy' Routine Turns Off Voters - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Christie "Arrogant" But a "Strong Leader": Poll - [NBC New York]
  Poll: NJ Gov. Christie 'Arrogant' but a 'Strong Leader' - [WFMZ News]
  Rutgers to Assist Eligible Green Card Holders Attain U.S. Citizenship - [Asbuy Park Press]
  Romney and Obama Court the Women's Vote with A War of Words - [KPCC, audio]
  No Matter What Party Affiliation, NJ Voters Not Sold on Rutgers-Camden Merger Plan - [Newsworks]
  Poll: Rutgers-Rowan Merger Opposed by 59 Percent of Voters - [Star-Ledger]
  Democratic War of Words Over Rutgers-Rowan Merger Plan Continues - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  'Secret' Rowan Merger Plan Blasted - [Asbury Park Press]
  Bloomberg's NYPD Spying on Muslims Gets OK From Citizens: 'Islamophobia' Still Present - [Newsroom New Jersey]
March 2012
  Poll: Most in NJ Approve of Muslim Monitoring - [Mansfield News Journal]
  New Jersey Poll Finds Most Residents Support Surveillance of Muslims - [The Record]
  New Jersey Voters Back Muslim Surveillance, Poll Shows - [MyFoxPhilly]
  Poll: Most in NJ Approve of Muslim Monitoring - [New Jersey Herald]
  Poll: NJ Residents Okay with NYPD Muslim Surveillance - [Patterson Press]
  Turning to Twitter: Social Media Forces Politicians to Get to the Point - [Star-Ledger]
  Kwon Vote Latest Example of Partisan Enmity - [PolitickerNJ]
  The Governor Who Named Woody - [Governors Journal]
  Visibly Jerked NJ Governor Calls Law Student a Jerk - [JD Journal]
  Women and the Leadership Gap - [The Daily Beast]
  Visibility Jerked NJ Govenor Calls Law Student a Jerk - [JD Journal]
  Feeling Overburdened, NJ Residents Keep Eyes on Tax-Cutting Talk in Trenton - [NJ Biz]
February 2012
  Poll Finds 76% of New Jerseyans Feel They Don't get Their Money's Worth - [New Jesey Newsroom]
  Senate Incumbent Leads in Eagleton Poll - [Daily Targum]
  Back to Back Polls Show Menendez Up Double Digits Over Kyrillos - [National Journal]
  Hotline Sort: Schock and Awe - [National Journal]

Eagleton: Menendez Beats Kyrillos 44-22% - [Politicker NJ]

  Poll: Menendez Up 22 Points on GOP Challenger - [The Hill]
  New Poll Shows Menedez with Big Lead Over Kyrillos in U.S. Senate Race - [Star-Ledger]
  Obama Campaign to Open NJ Re-election HQ - [North Jersey online]
  Rick Santorum Gaining on Mitt Romney Among NJ's Republican Voters - [Star-Ledger]
  Book Review: The Best Job in Politics - by Alan Rosenthal - [Governors Journal]
  Poll Finds Obama Pulling Away from Romney in New Jersey - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Gov. Christie's State Budget Proposals Receive Mixed Rreviews in
Gloucester County
- [Glouster County Times]
  Christie Bets on NJ Rebound to Fund Tax Cuts, Pensions - [Newsmax]
  Christie Proposes Increased Aid to Higher Education - [Daily Targum]
  Christie Says Best Revenue Gain Since 2007 to Finance New Jersey Tax Cuts - [Bloomberg]
  Poll: Support for - But Misunderstanding of - Income Tax Cut - [Politicker NJ]
  Gov. Christie Income Tax Cut Has Support, But Many Overestimate What They'd Get, Survey Finds - [My Central Jersey]
  Poll Finds New Jerseyans Want Property Taxes Cut Before Income Taxes - [New Jersey Newsroom]
  Property Tax Relief First: NJ Poll - [NBC Philadelphia]
  Poll: NJ Voters Support Income Tax Cut, but Prefer Property Tax Relief - [North Jersey online]
  Poll: NJ Taxpayers Want Property Taxes Cut First - [Chatham Patch]
  Poll: NJ Voters Warm up to Obama, Views on Christie Unchanged - [Star-Ledger]
  New Jersey Expected to Approve Gay Marriage; Christie Vows Veto - [Los Angeles Times]
  Most New Jersey Residents Oppose Christie Higher-Education Plan, Poll Shows - [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Poll: Voters Not Warm to Christie Plan to Upend NJ University System - [Star-Ledger]
  NJ Senate Passes Bill on Gay Marriage - [Daily Targum]
  Poll: NJ Voters Oppose Merger of Rutgers Campus in Camden - [The Record]
  Poll: Majority of NJ Voters Favor Putting Gay Marriage on Ballot - [Star-Ledger]
  Rick Santorum's Momentum Could Raise Importance of New Jersey, Pennsylvania Primaries - [The Express-Times]
  Writer Finds Humor in Politics - [Daily Targum]
  No Super Tuesday Primary Means Big Cost Savings for New Jersey - [Glouster County Times]
  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll director: Ron Sworen's Two Seats 'Can be Open for Attack' - [The Express-Times]
January 2012
  Peter Courtney: The Oregon Senate's Master of Ceremonies - [Statesman Journal]
  New Jersey Legislature Revives Same-Sex Marriage Push - [Reuters]
  Michelle Obama Not First Lady to Face Scrutiny - [Chicago Tribune]
  Gay Marriage Supported by Majority of Americans and Majority of New Jersey Residents, Assemblyman Says - [Star-Ledger/Politifact]
December 2011
  Shore Growth, Flooding Expected to Increase - []
  New Map Sets Stage for Battle in 5th District - [New Jersey Herald]
  Union City Father Could be Deported by Christmas - [Jersey Journal]
  Elected Official, 24, Hopes to Interest Peers in Politics - [New York times]
  In Favor of Pot - [Burlington County Times]
November 2011
  Week in Review: Laurels and Darts (Eagleton Program on Immigration and Democracy cited) - [Daily Targum]
  Poll: Voters Like and Flunk Obama - [The Record]
  Gloria Cain: Can Her 'Stand by Your Man' Moment Make a Difference? - [Christian Science Monitor]
  Phillipsburg Town Councilman Todd Tersigni has yet to concede
election to Mayor Harry Wyant Jr.
- The Express-Times, November 11
  Panelists Reflect on Low Voter Turnout - Daily Targum, November 10
  GOP Came Close in Redrawn 38th District, but Democrats had the Numbers - The Record, November 9
  Voter turnout low across N.J. as elections lack big-ticket race - Star-Ledger, November 8
  1st Legislative District 'up for grabs,' as parties battle for control of the state Senate - Press of Atlantic City, November 7
  Bottom Lines: New Jersey expected to fare better than its neighbors into 2012 - Press of Atlantic City, November 6
  Panelists Encourage Students to Vote in State Election - Daily Targum, November 4
  2011 Legislative Elections Approach with Mixed Attention after Redistricting - Newark Indendent Examiner, November 2
  Debates Are Good TV, But Seldom Impact an Election - Galloway Patch, November 01
October 2011
  Voters in Many South Jersey Towns Will Have Limited Options at Polls - Press of Atlantic City, October 28
  President Launches Plan to Help Post-Graduate Debt - Daily Targum, October 27
  Christie Takes on Judiciary Over Pension and Healthcare Benefits - NJ Spotlight, October 26
  Poll: Unemployment and taxes top list of N.J. residents' concerns - Star Ledger, October 25
  @Issue: Is NJ True Blue, or is There Some Red? - Asbury Park Press, October 23
  Eagelton Director Ruth B. Mandel Featured on "Weekends with Alex Witt" - October 23 (video)
  Race for NJ State Legislature Heats up During Final Weeks - Daily Targum, October 21
  Tomorrow Last Day to Register to Vote, Montclair Clerk's Office to Stay Open Late - Montclair Times, October 17
  County money race still favoring Dems - Glouster County Times, October 16
  Twenty Years Later: Covering the Anita Hill Story - Huffington Post Media, October 13
  Poll reports more NJ voters support Obama's re-election - Daily Targum, October 12
  Thomas Confirmation Hearings Had Ripple Effect - NPR, October 11
September 2011
  John Wisniewski claims Chris Christie's ethics reform package represents a "new agenda" - Star Ledger Politicact, September 26
  Not quite a ringing endorsement for endorsements - Glouster County Times, September 25
  Politicians, Political Analysts Say Endorsements Largely Do Not Sway Voter Opinion, but Could Drive Some to the Polls - Press of Atlantic City, September 24
  Non-Candidates Christie, Daniels Loom Over Presidential Race - Bloomberg, September 22
  RU Voting Motivates Students to Gather at Polls - Daily Targum, September 18
  Angry Moms: A brief history of maternal indignation in American politics, from Mother Jones to Michele Bachmann - Slate, September 14
  Gerald M. Pomper, Board of Governors Professor of Political Science (emeritus) honored at the American Political Science Association meeting in September. (video)
August 2011
  Eagleton Poll Shows Rise in NJ Support for Gay Marriage -, August 25
  Democratic Support Slips Among Independents - South Brunswick Patch, August 20
  Twenty-somethings take N.J. political offices by storm - The Star-Ledger, August 15
  Democratic Committees Face Money Woes - Courier Post Online, August 2
July 2011
  Christie not running, but what about Iowa trip? - The Record, July 15
  Thad McCotter's White House bid: A long shot to keep an eye on - Detroit Free Press, July 11
  The Submissive Michele Bachmann - Daily Beast, July 10
  Princeton Leaders and Residents Debate Immigration - Princeton Patch, July 5
June 2011
  CNN's Piers Morgan says Gov. Chris Christie's "poll ratings have been going up" - Politifact/The Star-Ledger, June 26
  A New Twist to Wives' Playbook for Sex Scandals - The New York Times, June 18
  Women seek stronger voice on Metro Council - The Tennessean, June 2
  New Jersey Democrats to GOP: "Hands off My Medicare!" - Daily Record, June 1
May 2011
  Governor Takes NJ Out of Cap-and-Trade System - The New York Times, May 27
  With Rich Getting Richer, Democrats Look Again To Millionaire's Tax - NJ Spotlight, May 27
  Opponents want to block a charter school in Montclair - Monclair Times, May 26
  Hey Cranford: Would You Vote For Christie? - Cranford Patch, May 24
  Names abound for who might run for governor in 2013 - Courier Post, May 22
  Messy Marital Histories Pose Challenge for Gingrich, Daniels, and Their Wives - Washington Post, May 16
  N.J. should adapt to state's changing demographics: Census panel - The Star-Ledger, May 11
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April 2011
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March 2011
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February 2011
  Christie Cuts Spending for Second Year - Daily Targum, Feb. 23
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January 2011
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December 2010
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- Star-Ledger, Dec. 15
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November 2010
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Otober 2010
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September 2010
  Ex-Perth Amboy official Vas to begin trial for alleged illegal campaign
- The Star-Ledger, Sept. 14
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August 2010
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July 2010
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June 2010
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May 2010
  BHS Law Related Education students tour State House -, May 27
  Cory Booker is re-elected as Newark mayor for second term - Star Ledger, May 12
  Young, Progressive Elected Officials to Convene in Washingon - People for the American Way, May 12
  Mayor Booker Favored, but Newark Is in No Mood to Celebrate This Year - New York Times, May 9
  Newark Mayor Cory Booker has raised $7.5M for upcoming
election campaign, report says
- Star Ledger, May 5
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April 2010
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cut costs
- Star Ledger, Apr. 20
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March 2010
  Rutgers plans to launch N.J. 'immigration infrastructure map' online - Star Ledger, March 21
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February 2010
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January 2010
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December 2009
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November 2009
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October 2009
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September 2009
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August 2009
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July 2009
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June 2009
  ‘Pro-family’ governor admits to affair - The National, June 25
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May 2009
  It's about to be a whole new race in NJ, for No. 2, 1st Ld-Writethru, NJ - Product Design & Development, May 30
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April 2009
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March 2009
  Republican Congressman praises Obama Administration - Daily Targum, March 31
  In-state Tuition, Driving Privileges Urged for NJ Illegal Immigrants - Press of Atlantic City, March 30
  Kenny may replace Spinello on Jersey City City Council - The Star-Ledger, March 29
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  Corzine Budget May Include Election-Year Tax and Cuts -, March 09,2009
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February 2009
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January 2009
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December 2008
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November 2008
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October 2008
  Commentary: Don't forget about Joan the Survivor - McClatchy, Oct. 28, 2008
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September 2008
  Andrews Expected to Announce He’s Seeking His Congressional - Courier Post, Sept. 03, 2008