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November 2018
  Political strategists analyze New Jersey, national midterm results [NJTV News]
October 2018
  Menendez vs. Hugin is a Senate Race to Watch [News12 New Jersey]
  Rutgers Helps Students to Register, Vote in November Midterm Election [Rutgers Today]
  Looking at 2018's "Pink Wave" - and an uphill run for women [CBS Sunday Morning]
September 2018
  Rutgers University initiative encourages voter turnout before midterm elections []
  Eagleton poll cites New Jersey residents feel uninformed about painkiller risks [Daily Targum]
  Women and Politics: What’s Changed Since Anita Hill [NPR]
  Millennials Not Hotfooting It Out of New Jersey After All [NJ Spotlight]
August 2018
  Is the Record Number of Women Candidates a 2018 Blip - Or A Lasting Trend? [NPR]
  A note of caution about 'the Year of the Woman' in politics [Yahoo!News
July 2018
  Women of Color Face Significant Barriers When Running for Office. But They’re Finding Support [Yes! Magazine]
  Menendez touts himself as 'leading advocate' for women []
  The perils of partisan polling [New Jersey Globe]
June 2018
  Many New Jerseyans Prescribed Opioids Do Not Recall Doctor Explaining Dangers, Risks or Alternative Treatments [Rutgers-Eagleton Poll]
  Menendez moves forward, but concern remains [NJBiz]
  Partisan gap could limit women's gains in November [Politico]
  Widespread support for using affordable housing trust fund solely as intended [Rutgers-Eagleton Poll]
  Democratic primary pits party establishment against progressive wing [Press of Atlantic City]
May 2018
  How NJ Residents View the State and What Bothers Them Most [
  It could be another 'Year of the Woman' in California, but probably not [L.A. Times]
  Putting Primary Candidates in Place: Who's Got A Shot at NJ's Senate Seat [NJ Spotlight]
  NJ more optimistic about state's direction, but 'lackluster' about Bob Menendez []
  Murphy Gets 46 Percent Approval Rating in Rutgers-Eagleton Poll [RutgersToday]
  Under-Promise and Over-Deliver on Women's Electoral Odds in 2018 [Huffington Post]
April 2018
  11 states have no women representing them in Congress [CNN]
  Murphy's aspirations for free community college are met with the state's current financial troubles [Daily Targum]
  Women Running for Office in 2018 Wear Gender as Badge of Honor [The Wall Street Journal]
  Rutgers University: Clinton Encourages Female, Youth Empowerment and Voting [TAPinto]
March 2018
  Here's Hillary Clinton's Blunt Response to Those Who Say "Shut Up and Sit Down" []
  March for Our Lives: Will protesters vote in midterm elections after Parkland shooting? [Asbury Park Press]
  How gender is shaping 2018 midterms [THe Hill]
  Record-breaking number of women run for office [Politico]
  Poll: Most New Jersey Residents Are Willing to Pay Higher Taxes for Murphy Proposals [Observer]
  Tax legal weed? Raise taxes on millionaires? What N.J. residents think about Murphy plans []
  How 2018 could be (another) 'Year of the Woman' []
February 2018
  How do New Jerseyans feel about their health care coverage? [NJTV News]
  Education in NJ Looking Up Under Murphy, For The Most Part [TAPinto New Brunswick]
  Taxes, the Economy, Are Big Problems in NJ, Poll Says [TAPinto Flemington/Raritan]
  N.J. is a good place to live but the taxes stink, residents say []
January 2018
  How do New Jerseyans feel about their health care coverage? [NJTV News]
  Thanks to Trump, they marched. Now more women are running for office [Star Ledger]
  Challenges Abound for Gov. Murphy, Say Rutgers Experts [TAPinto Bloomfield]
  Final Rutgers-Eagleton Poll on Christie is all bad news [ROI-NJ]
  Poll: Christie leaves as New Jersey's most unpopular governor [NJ Spotlight]
  New Jersey Is Last State to Insist at Gas Stations: Don't Touch That Pump [New York Times]
  Will 2018 be the 'Year of the Woman' in politics? We could do with an era [The Kansas City Star]
December 2017
  More people than ever are registered to vote, but fewer actually do []
  Phil Murphy has big plans for education, but can he deliver? []
  Women's political power is both cause and consequence of reckoning with sexual abuse []
  Enthusiastic about Phil Murphy? Sure, I guess, voters say in new poll []
  Christie, Democrats team up to get allies in office before Murphy sworn in [Nort]
  'Where di you go, Ivanka?' How the first daughter's family leave plan fizzled [The Guardian]
  A new era for women in public office [Face the Nation]
November 2017
  Despite mistrial, corruption case took a toll on Menendez poll [POLITICO]
  How Governor-Elect Murphy Can Lead a Successful Transition []
  Yes Dems won here, Virginia. But they still lack a clear vision for 2018 []
  Women defied conventional wisdom to win in droves in Tuesday's elections [Vox]
  Lack of competitive races leads to low voter turnout [Press of Atlantic City]
  NJ election 2017: Could we see the lowest voter turnout in N.J. history? []
  35 percent of candidates running in NJ are women [News 12 NJ]
  Nearly 40 percent of NJ lawmakers were appointed to office [News12 NJ]
  Here's a rundown of everything you need to know heading into the polls []
  NJ elections: Record low voter turnout expected for governor's race, legislature []
  The Trump Effect, One Year Later: Thousands of Women Running for Office [YES! Magazine]
October 2017
  Why Kim Guadagno is polling so poorly with women in NJ governor race []
  With governor race getting little interest, local races will carry turnout in South Jersey [Press of Atlantic City]
  Eagleton study finds uptick in voter turnout at Rutgers [Daily Targum]
  Despite changing demographics, the political playing field still tilts toward white men [Washington Post]
  Can school consolidation help improve education and save money in Cape May County? [Press of Atlantic City]
September 2017
  Teaching civic engagement [The Baltimore Sun]
  New Jerseyans want more funding for arts education [NJBIZ]
  Where have all the school board candidates gone? [Press of Atlantic City]
  Teaching Civic Engagement [Baltimore Sun]
  N.J. donors buck national GOP group with Democrat favored to succeed Christie [The Philly Inquirer]
  Three-Quarters Say Garden State Off On The Wrong Track; New Lows For Christie, Mixed Views On Menendez, And Gov Candidates Remain Unknown [The Jersey Tomato Press]
  As trial looms, Menendez's pursuit of normal faces fresh challenges [The Record]
August 2017
  Christie stuck at historic low approval, poll shows []
  True Equality for Women Still not a Reality [ Diverse Issues in Higher Education
  NJ gubernatorial candidates clash on Planned Parenthood [News12 New Jersey
July 2017
  Female senators are increasingly on receiving end of insults from male officials [Washington Post]
  Candidates for Governor Name Their Running Mates … But Does It Matter? [NJ Spotlight]
  Campaigning for governor isn't enough, start planning a transition - now [NJ Spotlight]
  Trump dropped his 'face-lift' tweet in an already very tough political envrionment for women [Washington Post]
  Report urges gubernatorial candidates to plan for transition now [NJTVNews]
June 2017
  Trump's tawdry tweets have become the new normal [San Francisco Chronicle]
  Nancy Pelosi, Washington's Latest Wicked Witch [New York Times]
  Karen Handel could become the first GOP woman elected to Congress from Georgia [Washington Post]
  You can try to silence women of color in Congress, but it won't work [Vox]
  Majority in NJ Support State Funds for Family Planning Clinics [NJ Spotlight]
  At Rutgers New Brunswick, a Monumental Year in Campus Activism []
  What it will take for women to win [Politico]
  Surge in first-time women candidates running for public office, inspired by presidential election [Christian Science Monitor]
  Gubernatorial candidates struggle to turn out the vote in N.J. primaries [Daily Targum]
May 2017
  Will we see more women elected now that Iowa has a female governor? Maybe. [Iowa Public Radio]
  April, May election holdouts grapple with low voter turnout [The Record]
  Women Hold G.O.P. Senate Seats, but Little Influence [NY Times]
April 2017
  The Emerging Strategy for Capitalizing on Women's Unprecedented Interest in Politics [Governing]
  Donald Trump's Presidency Has Inspired 11,000 Women To Run For Office [Huffington Post]
  A Sluggish Start to New Jersey's Race for Governor [NY Times]

True or False? The More you Know, The More Likely You are to Believe 'Fake News' [NJ Spotlight]

  Is This the Way a Woman Will Reach the White House? [NY Times]
  With gubernatorial elections on horizon, Eagleton Institute encourages voter turnout at Rutgers [Daily Targum]
  Arizona Rep. Martha McSally aims to be Republican voice on women's issues [USA Today]
  Four Former NJ Governors Join Together to Battle Dismantling of EPA [NJ Spotlight]
  Wisconsin lags nation in female Republican lawmakers [Wisconsin State Journal]
March 2017
  Eagleton Institute prepares Rutgers students to run for public office [Daily Targum]
  Women Becoming More Politically Engaged Since Trump's Win []
  Roused by Trump, First-Time Female Candidates Eye Local Seats [NY Times]
  'Playing the man card': Scholars dissect Trump, Clinton and gender at Morristown talk [Morristown Green]
  Ready to Run: Overwhelming interest in seminar for women who want to seek office [Chicago Tribune]
  Miss. plants seeds to elect first woman to Congress [Hattiesburg American]
  Why more women in NJ want to run for office - and why more should [Star Ledger]
  How each of NJ's 21 counties rank when it comes to elected women in office []
February 2017
  Are you giving up your family doctor for the urgent care center? — NJ poll [New Jersey 101.5]
  "America Converges Here" initiative will celebrate Rutgers' diversity with 3 months of events [Daily Targum]
  Women and Power [Governing]
  Republican women encouraged to push ahead for larger representation in politics [Shore News Today]
January 2017
  Who's minding the East Wing? So far, nobody knows. [Washington Post]
  Monmouth leads counties electing female freeholders [Asbury Park Press]
  Background to Christie State of State: High Unemployment, Property Taxes [NJ Spotlight]
  Even with rise of political outsiders, women take traditional path to power [Dallas News]
December 2016
  Trump's 'meritocratic' appointments have resulted in a lot of white men in top jobs [VOX]
  Donald Trump is solving his gender problem by making the Hill GOP's worse [Washington Post]
  After Hillary Clinton's loss, who could be Madam President? [USA Today]
November 2016
  Women disappointed in 2016 election results get 'Ready to Run' [USA Today]
  Clinton's defeat spurs more women into action, advocacy [Detroit News]
  Fear and loathing in New Jersey [New Jersey Jewish News]
  Female State Legislators Miss Out on Record Number of Seats After Clinton Defeat [Bloomberg]
  Women worry, wonder about the reality of a Trump presidency [Asbury Park Press]
  The Presidential Election was a Referendum on Gender and Women Lost [Newsweek]
  Women Aren't Responsible for Hillary Clinton's Defeat [The Atlantic]
  All-Time Low Christie's Job Approval Rating Skids into the Teens [Observer]
  There are all of the other political glass ceilings that still haven't been cracked [Washington Post]
  Donald Trump and the Republican Women who spurned him face challenges [USA Today]
  How Soon Will Christie Walk Away from New Jersey? [NJ Spotlight]
  Pollsters to Trump camp: Don't blame the messenger [Asbury Park Press]
  Clinton vs. Trump leaves young voters disillusioned [Daily Journal]
  N.J. business community applauds TTR ballot question approval [NJBIZ]
  Rutgers sees jump in votes cast on Livingston and Busch campuses [Daily Targum]
  There's a Historic Number of Women Running for Congress [Broadly]
  Challenge of engaging millennial voters in 2016 election [MyCentralJersey]
October 2016
  Next Congress likely to have reocrd number of women, but gains still slow [USA Today]
  How Christie's Trump ties have hurt him with N.J. voters []
  Sandra Day O'Connor: Why It's So Important for Women to Vote [Cosmopolitan]
  Final Round: Trump refuses to say whether he'll accept election result [The Globe and Mail]
  Men Heard More this Presidential Election, RU Says [Rutgers Today]
  Why do women's groups treat Bill Clinton and Donald Trump differently? [Miami Herald]

As Trump fights assault allegations, gender gap widens [Daily Mail]

  N.J. residents split on quality of life in state's largest towns, poll says []
  Can cities be feminist? Inside the global rise of female mayors [The Guardian]
  The GOP Tried To Fix Its Woman Problem After 2012. It Failed Miserably. [Huffington Post]
  The Challenge of Engaging Millennial Voters in the 2016 Election [Rutgers Today]
  'Deplorable': Trump Remarks Rattle State Republicans [Hartford Courant]
  Trump Vows to Stay in Race as Republicans Distance Themselves [Voice of America]
  The Trump-Clinton debate gets personal: Catch up on what you missed [The Globe and Mail]
  Eagleton Institute informs students about political issues prior to election [Daily Targum]
  Dem freeholder candidate to release donations [Asbury Park Press]
September 2016
  What would a 'President Hillary Clinton' mean for young girls in America? [New Jersey 101.5]
  Donald Trump Leads Down The Shore, But Down the Shore Only [Middleton Patch]
  Rutgers Debate Watch: Students look on as Trump and Clinton go head-to-head [Daily Targum]
  NJ Spotlight on Cities: Help Chart the Future of Our Urban Centers [NJ Spotlight]
  Rutgers poll: Christie's favorability very, very low [Philly Voice]
  NJ Casino Measure's Wealthy Backers Expect It to Lose [Wall Street Journal]
  Odds are not looking good for North Jersey casinos, poll finds []
  Christie's favorability drops to 23% in Rutgers poll [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Too Soon to Talk TTF Compromise, but if Christie Budges Will Sweeney Follow? [NJ Spotlight]
  Bridgegate Trial Kicks Off with Opening Statements [newsworks]
  Reform to guarantee majority rule in voting: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 [Orlando Sentinel]
  How Phyllis Schlafly's Death Proves We Need the Equal Rights Amendment Now More Than Ever [Glamour]
August 2016
  Experts say Trump's attacks on Clinton over Weiner drama a stretch [WJLA]
  Hillary Clinton and the Evolution of American Politics [New York Times]
  Tim Kaine correct about how poorly U.S. fares in percentage of women lawmakers [Politifact]
  Donald Trump has no campaign office in New Jersey [newsworks]
  A Woman Just Became A Presidential Nominee. What's Next? []
July 2016
  Polls show America is ready for female president [NJ News 12]
  Hillary Clinton makes history with presidential nomination []
  For women in NJ politics, still a long way to go [Courier-Post]
  Why did it take so long for a major party to nominate a woman for president? []
  Immigration to N.J. down, fears about economic impact up []
June 2016
  You've Come a Long Way, Baby. But It's Still a Man's Game [Voice of America]
  Hey, Millennials, Hillary Clinton made history [USA Today]
  Rutgers Academic Encourages More Women to Run for Office [NJ Spotlight]
  Plan to vote Tuesday? 50 years of stats say you won't []
May 2016
  Women voters: Will they rule election day? [Asbury Park Press]
  New Jersey governor's race opens as Christie's approval slumps [Reuters]
  5 reasons why Donald Trump ran over 16 Republican rivals []
April 2016
  Christie Approval Rating Lowest Ever at 26% [PolitickerNJ]
  These Women Could Be the Future of the Republican Party (If Donald Trump Doesn't Get in Their Way) [Glamour]
  Diversity on Supreme Court won't decide cases, Sotomayor tells Rutgers []
March 2016
  Empowering Women | Who are the state's most powerful women, according to the state's most powerful women? [NJBIZ]
  'Fox & Friends' Not So Friendly For Female Pundits [Fortune]
  How NJ Residents Feel about A.C. Takeover, North Jersey Casinos []
  Black Women Voters: By the Numbers [Huffington Post]
  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he won't resign [WFMZ News]
  What pundits are saying about Trump and others who won on Super Tuesday 2016 []
February 2016
  Christie's NJ Favorability Rating Hits New Low, Poll Finds []
  7 Things to Ponder about Gov. Christie [Asbury Park Press]
  New Hampshire Primaries Could Bring More Surprises [Huffington Post]
  The Necessary Imperfection of Early Primary Polling [The Atlantic]
  What now for Trump? What does Iowa caucus finish mean for his campaign? []
January 2016
  UI poll shows ideological distance between likely caucus attendees [Iowa Now]
  After Atlantic City emergency manager endorses rescue bills, Gov. Christie fails to sign them [Newsworks]
  2016 Could Mark Telephone Poll's Last Stand [Roll Call]
  Experts Predict Christie's State of the State Will be Heavily Partisan [PolitickerNJ]
  How Christie Has Used an Executive Power He Criticizes in Obama [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Could Christie Beat Clinton in New Jersey? [Asuby Park Press]
  Looking Forward: What's in Store For NJ in 2016 [NJTV News]
December 2015
  Polls more than just numbers [Quad-City Times]
  More Than Half of New Jerseyans Trust Polls, but Most Question Their Accuracy [Rutgers Today]
  Here's Why Polls Are So Bad At Predicting Election Results [Fast Company]
  Gas Prices are Low But for How Long? [Asbury Park Press]
  Poll: Christie's Job Approval Hits New Low [CBS Philly]
  Poll: New Jersyans divided on Syrian refugees [Asbury Park Press]
November 2015
  In Strategy Switch, Hillary Clinton Doubles Down on Gender Card [Newsweek]
  Why Carly Fiorina Has Stalled [Bloomberg]
  Iowa Democrats, experts: It's Clinton's race to lose [The Gazette]
  Debates Create Their Own Controversy [Quad City Times]
  After election, a mixed bag for women in NJ Legislature [NJ 101.5]
October 2015
  Jeb Bush 86% Burn Rate Underscores Fundraising Struggles for GOP Establishment [Washington Post]
  Christie Counts on His Bipartisan Past [The Record]
  Christie's Self-Depiction as Lonely Maytag Man, Outsider Both Ring False [NJ Spotlight]
  Why Hasn't Minnesota Elected a Female Governor? [Minneapolis Post]
  New Jersey Transportation Chief Steps Down Amid Federal Investigation [Governing]
September 2015
  Students visit Harvard for conference on political participation [Daily Targum]
  Eagleton Poll director joins Harkin Institute's political expert team [Drake Newsroom]
  Breaking Through: Local Women Challenge Political Glass Ceiling [Mountain Xpress - NC]
  Hillary Clinton Campaign Deploys Not-So-Secret Weapon: Bill [The Guardian]
  Christie: Bridge Scandal No Reflection on My Leadership [USA Today]
  Ellen DeGeneres Interview Offers Hillary Clinton Chance to Connect With Women [NY Times]
  Voting Laws May Be Left to Voters [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Chris Christie Unpopular Among Rutgers Students [Daily Targum]
  Op-Ed: How Can State Government Attract and Keep the Best and Brightest? [NJ Spotlight]
August 2015
  Democracy Requires Action [News Transcript]
  How the Iowa State Fair Became a Political Rite of Passage [Washington Post]
  Why Donald Trump Doesn't Get the Benefit of the Doubt on His 'Blood' Comment [Washington Post]
  Why Women Should Thank Trump [Time]
  In Sparring with Rand Paul, Christie Shows He Can Fight [USA Today]
  Christie's Popularity at Home Dips to New Low [CBS News]
  Debate Not Expected to Winnow Out Any of the 17 GOP Presidential Contenders [Newsworks]
  Christie No Longer Top Presidential Primary Pick of NJ Republicans [Politico]
  Governors Aren't All that: Governors running for president are a mixed bag, both in the election and in office. [US News & World Report]
July 2015
  Pollsters to Networks: Please Don't Use Polls to Decide Who Appears on the Debate Stage [National Journal]
  Look Who Didn't Show Up at the NGA Conference [Bloomberg]
  Christie Focus on Policy Distinguishes Him from Other GOP Candidates, Analysts Say [Newworks]
  How Do You Elect A Woman? Give Her A Famous Husband [Huffington Post]
  Power of the Pocketbook: Women Gaining Influence as Campaign Donors [NPR]
  Bridgegate Casts Cotinuing Shadow on Chris Christie's Campaign []
  In NH, Chris Christie Says He's 'Telling It Like It Is' [Boston Globe]
  Christie Nearly Last in New Poll in Iowa [Asbury Park Press]
June 2015
  Gender Balance Legislation at the State and Local Level [Blue Review]
  Playing the Granny Card [The Atlantic]
May 2015
  New Jersey Lt. Gov. Weighs Run for Governor [Wall Street Journal]
  Women Are Stepping Up in Most Major 2016 Senate Races [Washington Post]
  Not that Into Him [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  New Jersey Needs A "Death with Dignity" Law [PolitickerNJ]
  Is This the Year of the Women of Color in Politics? [OZY]
  Proponents Seek Term Limits for Philadelphia City Council [Philly Voice]
April 2015
  Nearly 75 Percent of Top Donors in 2014 Were Men [New York Magazine]
  7th Annual Rutgers Day Breaks Attendance Record [Daily Targum
February 2015
  Most N.J. voters say Christie would not make good president, poll finds []
  A Recent History: Black Women's Political Representation [Huffington Post]
  Few Women Hold Seats in Va. Legislature [Henrico Citizen]
  Clinton Beats Christie in NJ for 2016 [The Hill]
  Tough winter for Chris Christie as his home-state standing drops [LA Times]
  Chris Christie's Support Drops To Record Lows Among New Jersey Voters: Poll [International Business Times]
  World-Herald editorial: Politics has a place for all ages [Omaha World-Herald]
  Adelante: Inside the Elections, Implications and Machinations of NJ Hispanic Politics [PolitickerNJ]
  Gender, Stereotypes and Campaign Strategy Studied by Rutgers Political Scientist [Rutgers Today]
  More Info on Women in State Legislatures [Charleston Daily Mail]
  Meet the First African-American Woman to Serve in the Democratic Leadership in the Pa. House [PennLive]
  Lawmakers Recall History: Idaho Was 4th State to Grant Women the Right to Vote [Spokesman-Review]
  Women Falling Behind [Journal Gazette]
  Rutgers professor, students examine Cory Booker's potential vice presidential candidacy [Daily Targum]
  More Women Than Ever in Congress, but With Less Power Than Before [New York Times]
  Will Chris Christie's brash style be a boon or a bust in 2016? [CBS News]
  Could federal indictments of allies derail a Christie presidential bid? []
January 2015
  Women are Minority in McHenry County Municipal Bodies; Local, State Officials Weigh In [Northwest Herald]
  Diversity is Needed [Culpeper Star Exponent]
  Women and Politics: Slow Growth in All But a Few Towns [Press of Atlantic City]
  Questions loom over New Jersey's fiscal health [News Transcript]
  There are 77 Women in Statewide Executive Office, But Only Five Governors. Why? [Washington Post]
  Christie trails Clinton by double-digit margin in Eagleton poll [Daily Targum]
  Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton Are The Same Age - Will Campaign Coverage Reflect That Fact? [Media Matters]
  Want More Women in Office? Look to Republicans [National Journal]
  Dangerous Morris County bridge closes and more could follow as state runs out of money to fix them []
  Opinion: Reassessing Governor Florio [The Record]
  Men Rule Republican-Led House, Where Lone Woman Gets Committee Gavel [Bloomberg]
  House Democratic Women Pose for "Class Photo" [CBS News]
  Women Can't End Sexism in the Workplace Just by Showing Up [The Guardian]
  Study: Women Rule Capitol Hill, But Not the States [POLITICO]
  Women Legislators' Numbers Holding Steady in PA, But Still Lag Behind Many States [Penn Live]
  2015 Begins with National Political Story [Filipino Reporter]
  Group Hopes Ernst's Victory Clears Way for More Elected Women in Iowa [WCF Courier]
  104 Women in Congress. Does it Matter? [POLITICO Magazine]
  21 Leaders for the 21st Century [Women's eNews]

December 2014
  Chris Christie vs. Jeb Bush: Where They Stand on Guns, Education, and More []
  Christie Roams, and Popularity Suffers at Home [NY Times]
  Christie's Out-of-State Trips Hurting His Ratings Back Home [Newsmax]
  Poll: Hillary Clinton Would Beat Chris Christie by 10 Points in New Jersey [Breitbart]
  Poll: Christie No Match for Hillary Clinton in NJ [USA Today]
  Fixing Transportation Trust Fund Means Bringing the Public on Board []
  Rutgers' Scholar Receives Lifetime Achievement Award [My Central Jersey]
  Fight of the Week: Chris Christie v. Jeb Bush [PolitickerNJ]
  GOP's McSally Declared Winner in Final House Race [USA Today]
  Voter Turnout Plunges to New Low in New Jersey [Asbury Park Press]
  Japan's Parliament Remains a Man's World Despite Womenomics Push [Bloomberg]
  Women Could Hold Key to Vote in 2016 [Dayton Daily News]
  At 90, Byrne Still Has Stories to Tell [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Democrats Choose Cruz-Perez, Again [Courier Post]
  Women Flood Ranks of GOP [The Hill]
  Women Gaining More Political Power in New Jersey [NewsWorks]
  By the Numbers: Half of the Senators Who Voted for Obamacare Will be Gone in 2015 [Bloomberg Politics]
  Professor Analyzes Climate Change Politics [Daily Targum]
  Eagleton Alumni Share Advice for Pursuing Political Careers [Daily Targum]
November 2014
  County's GOP Women Seen as Potential 'Hillary Fighters' [Orange County Register]
  Chris Christie in 2016 Presidential Politics: The Pros and Cons of a Sitting Guv [Politicker NJ]
  Wyoming Senator Emphasizess Role of Political Involvement [Daily Targum]
  Veterans Corner: VA Focusing on Women's Opportunities [Lake Country Sun]
  2016 Hero? Christie Delights and Distrubs GOP [News Tribune (Boca Raton)]
  Eagleton Seminar Addresses Voters in the Asian and Latino Communities [Daily Targum]
  Analysis: Is Possible 2016 Run Behind Christie's Tighter Grip on NJ Financial Info? [The Record]
  Sen. Murray: 100 Women in Congress 'Progress, But not Enough' [King 5 Western Washington News]
  Christie to Discuss Atlantic City and Its Challenges [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  Alumna Talks Business Strategies and Confidence at the Eagleton Institute [Daily Targum]
  Sen. Murray: 100 Women in Congress 'Progress, But not Enough' [King 5 Western Washington News]
  Marge Roukeman's 'Signature Legacy' Was the Family Leave Act [Star-Ledger]
  Now There Are Six: A Record Number of GOP Women in the Senate [NY Times]
  New Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation Younger, And All-Male [Allentown Morning Call]
  Kovach Vows to Continue Work After Defeat [Hunterdon Review]
  One Hundred Women in Congress Isn't Much to Brag About [23 ABC]
  Rutgers Researcher Examines Political Campaigns [Rutgers-Camden NEWSNOW]
  VA's Center for Women Veterans Partners with the Center for American Women and Politics [eNews Park Forest]
  Elections 2014: Bonnie Watson Coleman Part of Historic Year for Women in Congress [Trenton Times]
  New Jerseyans Say Gambling is Only a Small Part of Atlantic City's Fun [NJ Today]
  War on Women, My Foot! GOP Girl Power is Emerging [Sunshine State News]
  100 Women in Congress: A Milestone Tempered by Snail's Pace of Progress [AllGov News]
  Voters Responded to Message from Republican Female Candidates [The Oklahoman]
  Political Milestone: US Congress Now Has 100 Women [Boston Globe]
  Encourage Girls to Explore Careers in Politics [ Star Gazette]
  The Media Aren't Holding Female Candidates Back [Washington Post]
  Always Look on the Bright Side [Rutland Herald]
  Making Sense of the 2014 Midterm Elections - Locally and Nationally [NJ Spotlight]
  D.C.'s First Female Mayor on Muriel Bowser, the Next Woman to Win the Office [Washington Post]
  In Iowa, GOP's Joni Ernst Broke a Gender Barrier on Her Own Terms [LA Times]
  GOP Governor Wins in Blue States Could Boost Chris Christie's Profile [NBC Bay Area]
  Another Year of the Woman? Not Exactly [TIME]
  Could Falling Gas Prices Provide Cover to Pump Up the NJ Gas Tax? [Star-Ledger]
  Why the Battles Don't Change for Women in Politics [Washington Post]
  Indiana Ballot Includes a Milestone for Gender Equity [Indiana Herald-Tribune]
  Women Make a Big Difference in Business and Politics [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  Female Voters Focus in NY Races [Oneida Dispatch]
  Meet the Republican Who May Become the Youngest-Ever Woman in Congress [New York Post ]
  Female Voters, Money in Midterms: Your Say Interactive [USA Today]
  Indiana Ballot Includes a Milestone for Gender Equity [The Herald Bulletin]
  Sen. Cory Booker Leads in Polls by 15-Point Margin [Daily Targum]
  Influx of 20-Something Candidates in Essex Freeholder Race May Speak to Millennial Political Trend [Star-Ledger]
  Candidates Targeting Female Voters in NY Elections [Sun Herald]
  Hillary Clinton on the Stump for New Hampshire Women [National Journal]
October 2014
  Will Joni Ernst Break Through the Political Glass Ceiling in Iowa? [Gulf News]
  After Nearly 12 Years, New Jersey Will Send a Women to Congress (includes audio) [NewsWorks]
  After-School Class Teaches Missoula Girls to Become Civic Leaders [Missoulian]
  Hilary Clinton is Talking More About Women. Here's Why It Matters. [NBC News]
  Poll Suggests Efforts To Turn AC's Image Around Not Working As Well As Proponents Might Hope - [CBS Philly]
  Political Clout Grows for Women [Boston Herald]
  All-Female Delegation Could Be Short-Lived in NH [News Telegram]
  Christie's Smart Playing to the Right - [myCentralJersey]
  A New Twist on the Get-Out-the-Vote Message [Huffington Post]
  On Abortion and Other Women's Issues, Attacks Ads of Both Parties Distort the Truth [Washington Post]
  Ann Wagner Says GOP Female Candidate Recruitment Has Been a Learning Process [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  CD 5 race: Cho, Garrett Clash on Issues at Sole Face-to-Face Debate - [PolitickerNJ]
  Do Women Voters Favor Women Candidates? Not Really, Iowa Shows [Christian Science Monitor]
  Tackling the Topic of Women in Politics [Burlington County Times]
  Wisniewski Introduces Bill to Improve Port Authority Governance - [Bloomberg]
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