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Rutgers/Eagleton Summer Networking Reception on Capitol Hill
Wednesday, July 10

5:30 - 7:30 pm
The Alibi
237 2nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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Calling all alums in the Washington D.C. area - Join us for a reception on Capitol Hill. Network, chat about politics and government with Rutgers/Eagleton alumni and Eagleton faculty/staff and meet the recipients of the Rutgers Eagleton Washington Internship Award. Open to all Rutgers graduates.



Congratulations to alum Christopher Emigholz (2004 Fellow), winner of this year’s Eagleton Alumni Cup. Christopher had the most correct answers, including the tiebreaker, in the Eagleton Election Day Quiz. Thank you to all 130+ alumni who participated in this fun annual event. Every year is an election year in New Jersey, so you can try again next fall!

Eagleton Alumni Cup Winners 2017 winner Steven Galantealumni cup winners
Every fall, Eagleton alumni participate in the annual Election Day Quiz. The best guessers have their names engraved on the coveted Eagleton Alumni Cup. Congratulations to all our winners!

2018 - Chris Emigholz (2004 Fellow)
2017 - Steven Galante (2014 Fellow)
2016 - Roger Masi (2008 Undergraduate
2015 - Marika Dunn (2009 Fellow)
2014 - Amy Denholtz (2007 Fellow)
2013 - Robert Asaro-Angelo (1999 Fellow)
2012 - Fraser Long (1968 Fellow)
2011 - Jennifer Taylor (2006 Fellow/
            2005 Undergraduate Associate)
2010 - Christina Zuk (2008 Undergraduate
009 - Ed Trzaska (2002 Fellow)
2008 - Dana Miller (2008 Fellow)

more alumni cup winners

Eagleton Alumni Directory Updates
All Eagleton Alumni - Please update your alumni record in preparation for the 2019 Eagleton Alumni Directory. We will be calling all alumni starting late spring to update your information over the phone, or you can provide your update online ahead of time at
The deadline to update your record for this year's directory will be Agust 31, 2019.

In case you missed it, the 2017 Eagleton Alumni Directory, the 24th in a series begun in 1973, is now available online. The Eagleton Alumni Committee hopes it will serve as a resource to help build and strengthen our alumni network. The Directory lists all graduate Fellows and Undergraduate Associate alumni and includes professional contact information as well as a listing of all alumni by class year and state. Please make sure to keep the contents confidential. To date, there are more than 2,000 students from the 60 classes of Eagleton Fellows and 43 classes of Undergraduate Associates who are listed alphabetically in the main part of the directory by the name used when they attended Eagleton. If we receive your response to the questionnaire, the entry includes professional contact information. If there is no current information, only the name and class of the individual will be listed. To update your contact info, or request that info be removed from the directory, please complete the alumni survey online or respond to the phone inquiry.

If you need access to the 2017 Eagleton Alumni Directory please email Sarah Kozak at

Connect on Social Media: Network, Internships, Jobs, Mentoring
Connect with other Eagleton alumni on our social media sites. If you have news to share, know of jobs, internships, or other mentorship opportunities please post or let Sarah know. Let's put the network to work!

Eagleton alumni pages:
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See what's new in the mansion, view events and connect to the broader Eagleton Institute community:

Alumni Spotlight Videos

Reps. Phillips-Hill and Frank Farry Eagleton alumni and Pennsylvania House of Representatives Frank Farry ('88 Fellow) and Kristin Phillips-Hill ('88 Undergraduate Associate/'89 Fellow) began the Eagleton Alumni Career Panel event with a special citation video acknowledging the 60th anniversary for Eagleton and 45th anniversaries for Center for American Women and Politics and the Center for Public Interest Polling.
Betty Holland alumni spotlight Wilfredo Rodriguez Kris Shields  
Betty Holland
Class of 1958
Wilfredo Rodriguez
Class of 2009
Kris Shields
Class of 2013

Eagleton Merchandise
Eagleton alumni merchandise is available. Please contact Sarah Kozak if interested at 848-932-8760 or