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Professor Alan Rosenthal and State Legislatures

Eagleton’s Professor Alan Rosenthal, was among the nation’s leading scholars on state legislatures.  In his more than forty-year career, Professor Rosenthal worked in collaboration with legislatures in 35 states.  He directed comprehensive organizational studies of legislatures in eight states, served as an ethics consultant to nine state legislatures and published defining works on the mechanics of the legislative branch.

Under Professor Rosenthal’s direction, Eagleton’s work on state legislatures examined:
  • Representation: How, and how well, do Americans get represented in our state political systems?
  • Executive Legislative Reforms: How and to what extent do legislatures check and balance the executive in a separation-of-powers system?
  • Legislative Ethics: How are legislatures and legislators performing in terms of ethical conduct?
  • Civic Education on Representative Democracy: What should students at all levels learn about the role of legislatures in representative democracy?
  • Legislative Reform: What are the main problems legislatures face today, and what new reforms offer the greatest promise?

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