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Eagleton Alumni and Adjunct Faculty on's 2009 Power List

Congratulations to those listed below, who made the annual Power List. Congratulations, too, to the many other friends of the Institute included on this roster of the state's most powerful political players. (Note that the list does not include current or former elected officials.)

Eagleton Alumni
Mo Butler — Eagleton Fellow (EF) '98
Bill Castner — EF '97
Frank Dominguez — EF '99
Adam Kaufman — Undergraduate Associate (UA) '79
Bill Palatucci — UA '80
Ed McBride — EF '86
Jeff Michaels — UA '88
Anne Milgram — UA '92

Adjunct Faculty
Mike DuHaime
Harold Hodes
Maggie Moran
Mike Murphy
Charles Wowkanech (Visiting Associate)