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The Scholarship of Gerald M. Pomper

Kelly DittmarVideo below is from a special panel honoring the work of one of Eagleton's most prominent faculty members, Professor Gerald M. Pomper, Board of Governors Professor of Political Science (emeritus) presented at the annual meetings of the American Political Science Association held in Seattle in September 2011.

Moderated by Kathleen Frankovic of CBS News, the panel presented three papers: Party Activists, Ideological Extremism, and Party Polarization: Should We Be Generalizing about "Party Activists"? (Marjorie R. Hershey,  Nathaniel  Birkhead, and Beth Easter, Indiana University);  Party Realignment in New England (Maureen Moakley, University of Rhode Island), and The Presidential Election of 1789 (William G. Meyer, Northeastern University.) The discussant was John Hart, Australian National University. Frankovic and Moakley worked with Pomper as Rutgers graduate students.