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Kira Sanbonmatsu
Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University; and Senior Scholar, Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP)
Ph.D., Harvard University

CV available here

Sanbonmatsu's research interests include gender, race/ethnicity, parties, public opinion, and state politics. She is the coauthor of the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) report, "Representation Matters: Women in the U.S. Congress" (2017). Her most recent book (with Susan J. Carroll) is More Women Can Run: Gender and Pathways to the State Legislatures (Oxford University Press, 2013). She is the coauthor (with Susan J. Carroll and Debbie Walsh) of the CAWP report, Poised to Run: Women's Pathways to the State Legislatures (2009). She is also the author of Where Women Run: Gender and Party in the American States (University of Michigan Press, 2006) and Democrats, Republicans, and the Politics of Women's Place (University of Michigan Press, 2002). Her articles have appeared in such journals as American Journal of Political Science, Politics & Gender, and Party Politics. She co-edits the CAWP Series in Gender and American Politics at the University of Michigan Press with Susan J. Carroll. She was previously associate professor of political science at The Ohio State University.