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Professor of Political Science; Faculty Associate
B.A. degree in political science and psychology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in political science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Murphy is professor of political science at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Before coming to Rutgers in 2008, Murphy taught at the University of Chicago, Villanova, and Valparaiso. His research focuses on the history of political thought, and particularly on the interconnections between religious and political theory and practice in the Anglo-American tradition. His current work explores the life, political career, and political thought of William Penn, and he is the author of Liberty, Conscience, and Toleration: The Political Thought of William Penn (Oxford, 2016).

Murphy has recently co-authored, with David S. Gutterman, Political Religion and Religious Politics: Navigating Identities in the United States (Routledge, 2015). He is the author of Prodigal Nation: Moral Decline and Divine Punishment from New England to 9/11 (Oxford, 2009) and Conscience and Community: Revisiting Toleration and Religious Dissent in Early Modern England and America (Penn State, 2001). He has edited several volumes, including The Political Writings of William Penn (Liberty Fund, 2002); Religion, Politics, and American Identity: New Directions, New Controversies, with David Gutterman (Lexington, 2006); and A Companion to Religion and Violence (Blackwell, 2011).