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Policy on Public Service and Political Activity for Eagleton Institute Faculty and Staff

The mission of the Eagleton Institute of Politics, like that of Rutgers University, is to conduct education, research, and public service.  Eagleton personnel engage in public service as part of their assigned responsibilities. They consult with governmental officials and agencies and serve on governmental boards and commissions at the national, state, and local levels.  They also conduct educational programs designed in part to encourage and facilitate political participation by individuals, including engagement in partisan and non-partisan activities, election and issue campaigns, and running for public office.  Eagleton’s public service is provided on a bipartisan or nonpartisan basis.

The public service assignments of Eagleton personnel are made or approved by the Institute director. In performing these official duties, personnel draw on Institute resources. Whether serving on a board or consulting with a governmental unit or conducting academic programs that facilitate participation by individuals in politics, they are doing their assigned jobs.

Eagleton faculty and staff can, of course, participate as private individuals in electoral, partisan, or issue politics. Such participation is separate from and outside of their Institute responsibilities. Thus, neither Eagleton nor Rutgers University facilities or resources may be used in support of such activities.  This means that all such activities, including their planning, must be conducted on personal time, not work time. Institute resources—such as the building, computers, telephones, supplies, and secretarial assistance—must not be used for such activities. Individuals must not attribute to Eagleton sponsorship of their activities as individuals.

Eagleton Institute of Politics
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December 2011